Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Eagles pull an epic, yet bittersweet win Sunday night, lose Wentz for the season

Photo credit: Kiel Leggere via Philadelphia Eagles
Emotions are at an all time high for Eagles fans. One one hand, it's a celebration for becoming the champions of the NFC East with a solid 11-2 record after an intense 43-35 win against the Los Angeles Rams Sunday night. However, as if the fate of this Philadelphia squad is doomed for eternity, they lose star quarterback, Carson Wentz, for the season. Suddenly, there's a somber air surrounding the celebration of their success as a team. 

Carson Wentz, who limped off the field right after scoring a touch down in the 3rd quarter, goes on record to say how proud his is of the team, applauding them for being resilient, and openly believing that God's will is perfect: 

And an allegiance of people-myself included-are standing with him and hoping for a timely recovery for the Eagles' beloved quarterback. Not too long afterwards, an array of Tweets surfaced with the hashtag, #InFolesWeTrust as a gateway to communicate that from now until the end of January and, ultimately, the road to the Super Bowl now depends on backup QB, Nick Foles. The glaring question went from 'will the Eagles be able to continue at the level that they have been playing on through the remainder of the season?' to 'how will the Eagles maintain momentum without their leading QB?'. It's a tough question to answer, honestly, simply because Wentz has been a key component in what the Eagles have been able to accomplish, so it's hard to imagine what the season will look like without him. The hope is still there for me personally, but I can definitely understand why it's become bleak to a host of other fans.

Unfortunately, this is an opportunity for other teams' defense to create strategies and figure out ways to take advantage of a situation that appears to be a weakness for Philly. It's so many teams who are preying on our downfall. Like I tweeted at some point Sunday night prior to Carson's injury, it's now a war: Eagles vs. everybody. One of the positive things next to having an outstanding defense is not having to completely revamp offense, due to them having an experienced QB like Foles to stand in the blanks. As we saw from the game Sunday night, offense was still able to run plays like they'd been doing the entire game and didn't lose momentum.

So here we are, with our unanswered questions and opinions about what's next, all we can do is wait to see how the next couple of weeks will play out for Philadelphia. 

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Thursday, December 7, 2017

Sky Box Sounds vol. 51 | 10 MORE Songs that Inspire Us to Wake Up & Keep Going

Music saved my life and that's a long shot from an exageration. As cliche as it sounds, I know there are a lot of people who can relate to that. This series has allowed me to revisit some forgotten gems of my music collection and share the impact hip-hop continues to have on my life. In conjunction with the original play list I curated back in March, here are 10 more songs that inspire us to wake up and keep going: 

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01. Layup - Big K.R.I.T.
A track from one of my favorite album releases this year, Layup emphasizes the come up and celebrating the perks that come along with chasing dreams and watching them come to life. Going hard, staying strong, and finally at a pinnacle. At some point the hustle becomes effortless and it's time to bask in all the good things that came from everything you've worked so hard to accomplish.

02. Reality Check - Noname ft. Eryn Allen Kane
This song is about taking advantage of opportunities; it's about knowing who you are, realizing what you are capable of, and not running away from those lofty dreams that haunt your daydreams. It speaks to those circumstances that were road blocks, yet watching doors that were once closed, open again. 

03. Periodic Table - A$AP Twelvyy
Dope sample usage on this one, A$AP Twelvyy creates us an anthem for the underdog, the one who refuses to let where them come from define where they are headed. Taking the listener on a ride through his old neighborhood, eventually ending up on where the road has lead him, this is a tune that just makes you want to keep dreaming, keep hustling, keep wanting more.

04. Neon Guts - Lil Uzi Vert ft. Pharrell Williams
Honestly, this was a song I didn't expect to genuinely rock with, but it's the perfect 'get your day started' tune with a nice blend of heavy hitting bass and a tempo with that signature Pharrell touch throughout. Although catchy, the lyrics are all about holding on to good vibes and staying away from negative energy.

05. Going In - Isaiah Dreads
Not only is this a phenomenal song/work-out to run to, the lyrical content, even though it focuses in on being the best in the music game, is quite empowering. Don't give up. Don't doubt the greatness within. Those are a few mantras that come to mind when this song comes on, which makes me want to go hard(er) for everything I'm working for. 

06. Legit Boss - Wale
In typical Wale fashion, hip-hop artist, Wale explores the complexities to a woman who is about business from the outside looking in. As a tribute to WWE diva, Mercedes Kaestner-Varnado, professionally known as Sasha Banks, this song is another flawless #GirlBoss anthem to motivate all of us. 

07. Blessings - Big Sean ft. Drake
A 2015 favorite, I almost forgot how good Dark Sky Paradise was. Blessings will always be one of those songs you think of when you're living in your moment and looking at your success introspectively. 

08. Paper Trail$ - Joey Bada$$
On this track, the talented and often overlooked lyricist, Joey Bada$$, talks about money in a similar way that Wu-tang Clan did in the early 90's; about wealth, greed, staying humble. Changing the R in C.R.E.A.M. (Cash Rules Everything Around Me) to 'Ruins', it's an intriguing montage of what it means to overcome and progress.

09. Now or Never - Kendrick Lamar ft. Mary J. Blige
Although this is one of Kendrick's more pop friendly songs, I love the message of going after your dreams and not allowing anything to hold you back from living the life you were meant to have. It's so positive and upbeat. It challenges the idea of being a product of your environment and implores you to not be afraid to reach for more.

10. Stronger - Kanye West
Mr. West's discography is full of gems that can inspire us in a special way and this song is one of them. Graduation holds a special place in the hearts of many, especially those of us who were in those prime transitional stages around the time this album dropped in 2007. Stronger will never not be one of those songs I can always go to when I find myself needing that extra boost.   

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