Saturday, April 22, 2017

Style Report | Baller Bae

Baller Bae

Notes on this look:

  • Distressed jeans will always have a place in my heart. 
  • It's the end of April, so I know this top looks a little "hot" for Atlanta weather, but 1) it's a crop top and 2) on the east coast during springtime, weather can be fickle anyway. 
  • Bows on kicks weren't my favorite trend initially, but they grew on me and I think the Puma Fenty by Rihanna shoes are so adorable. Imagine hooping in them *heart eye emoji*...shook
  • I think it's absolutely necessary for me to buy myself an Apple Watch for my birthday. 
  • Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent is such an incredibly floral, feminine scent and I love when powerful fragrances are matched with really chill outfits such as this one.
  • I didn't realize these Dana Rebecca earrings are $1,650 at Bloomingdale's. Well...I am poor, so I'm sure I can find an alternative pair at H+M.
  • Purple lips might be a thing for me this summer. Personally, I have never actually tried it on my lips, but YOLO.
  • I prefer backpacks and messenger bags over purses for everyday use, because I'm always on the go and I need something that can fit everything.
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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Playoff szn: What We Know About the NBA Playoffs So Far {Game 3 Preview}

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east series: 

  • Chicago Bulls vs. Boston Celtics
  • Washington Wizards vs. Atlanta Hawks
  • Toronto Raptors vs. Milwaukee Bucks
  • Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Indiana Pacers

west series: 

  • Golden State Warriors vs. Portland Trail Blazers
  • Los Angeles Clippers vs. Utah Jazz
  • Houston Rockets vs. Oklahoma City Thunder
  • San Antonio Spurs vs. Memphis Grizzlies
See full schedule here +

In the east, Chicago, Cleveland, and Washington are taking the lead at 2-0 in their respective series with Bucks and Raptors breaking even at 1-1. If we head west, Warriors, Rockets, and Spurs dominate at 2-0, Jazz and Clippers tied at 1-1. It's still too early-in my opinion-to make any rash decisions in terms of how this will unfold.

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