Tuesday, February 28, 2012

NBA All-Star Weekend 2k12: Orlando

This weekend was awesome, in sports and in my own reality. Finally, the time has arrived for the 2012 NBA All- star weekend, held in Orlando, Florida, which is my favorite time during the season, outside of playoff and championship games. Every year, I’m excited to be able to witness different players and celebs just get on the court to play basketball to have a good time. Also, I think it’s a good break for the players, especially this season’s hectic, compressed game schedule.

The all-star weekend is composed of a series of events, most of which I missed. However, I did catch the important stuff, such as the 3-point contest, the skills challenge, the celeb game, the dunk contest, and of course, the grand finale, Team West vs. Team East all-star game on Sunday night.

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I always look forward to seeing non-NBA individuals play. This year, it was an interesting combination for the celeb game. Kevin Hart is absolutely hilarious in my eyes and he made the celebrity game so fun to watch. Some of the other big celeb names were Ne-yo, Common, J.Cole, the guys from Property Brothers, and Vinny from Jersey Shore. I can’t speak much on it, because at some point I was caught up in watching The Lion King (lol) but came back just in time to see K. Hart win MVP.

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I wasn’t that impressed with the slam-dunk contest this year. In comparison to previous years, this had to be my least favorite one. I suppose they needed to make room for the rookies and sophomores to shine, but it was still sub par. I will never forget the year short man Nate Robinson won and him dunking over Dwight Howard’s 7 foot (approx.) frame. Major ups.

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As a loyal fan of K.Bryant, I was still surprised the west pulled a win, although it was a close one (152-149). Speaking of the black mamba, I’m so proud of him for breaking an all time scoring record (264) on the All-Star scoring list, surpassing M.Jordan’s record. Blake Griffin and Tony Parker both did magic. Initially, I wanted East to win, just because they had an amazing roster. L. James really held his position well, but I kept thinking the overall chemistry was a little off for the East. Kevin Durant won MVP, as I predicted, and he definitely deserved it. Ultimately, both teams did exceptionally well. 

As far as the performances go, I loved Chris Brown and Neyo’s performances. Nicki’s stage pressence was was over the top, as usual, and I think that if the theatrics weren’t so flamboyant, I would’ve enjoyed it a lot more. I like Mary J. Blige, but I’m opposed to her voice for the National Anthem Remix.

All-star weekend seems like so much fun, as a fan and a participant. On top of what’s seen on a huge TV screen, are several different outreach programs from the vendors and NBA Cares that promote youth, education and health/fitness, so it’s a good and fun way to reach out to the community. From the outside looking in, I only see half of what happens that weekend! Any city All-Star lands in comes alive and is full of energy. Looking forward to NBA All-Star Houston 2013!
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