Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Kentucky Wildcats, 2012 NCAA Champs

1st half: 

Kentucky definitely dominated first half.  The most impressive part is they know how they harmonize all the talent they have without overshadowing each other. The teamwork they displayed tonight was incredible.  Anthony Davis blocked shots the entire time. Kansas didn’t do a good job at keeping up with the tempo of the game this half; the defense wasn’t aggressive enough and they kept trying to race Kentucky at an inefficient pace.  Doron Lamb, Kentucky’s premier shooting guard, had an impressive first half, scoring 12 pts and 2 assist.

2nd half: 

Second half wasn’t as intense as expected and was very slow.  Kentucky lost a little of the rhythm they had first half, but Kansas’ energy initially didn’t match their competition. Kansas had a few opportunities to catch-up that they  let slip away. D. Lamb continued to take advantage of his shooting skills to uphold the consistent 10 point difference on the scoreboard. It seemed like they just didn’t care if they won or not at one point during this game, but they gradually began to pull it together.  They had plenty of commendable comebacks this season to pull off a win last-minute and Kentucky could feel the pressure.

So who wins? The title goes to….

{AP Photo/David J. Phillip}

University of Kentucky Wildcats
as they celebrate their 8th National Championship, and the first title in 14 years. CONGRATULATIONS! Special congrats to Anthony Davis for being crowned this year's MVP.

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