Saturday, November 10, 2012

Album Review | Realizing.Every.Dream - Ne-Yo

So let's talk about Ne-yo's R.E.D. (Realizing Every Dream) album...

Where do I begin? Better yet, how do I begin without sounding like a bias fan?

This past Tuesday felt like Christmas for so many different reasons.  One reason being it was Election day. The other was Ne-yo's release of R.E.D. and I was present to purchase my physical copy as a personal treat for accomplishing my goals last week. It wasn't a tough decision at all, although there are so many other albums out right now that I want. Plus, I had been anticipating this album for the longest. In my musical opinion, this album is awesome, well worth the wait, and a great choice. This is honestly his best work to date and has the potential to be album of the year in my book.  From start to finish, Ne-yo delivers in an incredible way.  As a whole, this record is versatile, bold, sexy, and charismatic, with just the right amount of upbeat pop that also makes it fun to listen to. The lyrics are expressive; the melodies are smooth and crisp. 

Although I love every track, making it hard to choose favorites, my top 4 most played songs would have to be: 
Lazy Love 
Miss Right 
Don't Make 'em Like You (ft. Wiz Khalifah)  

In the deluxe edition, he sings a beautiful lullaby dedicated to his daughter, Madison, that sounds a lot like something that erupted from a previous decade and I always fall hopelessly in love with ballads for daughters. Even on the songs with artist from different genres, Ne-yo remains true to what fits him as an artist. Like the unexpected, yet amazing collaboration with Tim McGraw on She is, he stays in his vocal range and does not deviate from his own signature R&B sound. 

This album is incredible, simply put, so now I encourage all of you R&B heads support good music and buy it!

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