Saturday, March 30, 2013

Sky Box Sounds vol. 07 | 20/20 - Justin Timberlake

The music buzz lately has revolved around Justin Timberlake's highly anticipated, 'The 20/20 Experience'. For this album to be so mainstream, it really did exceed my expectations. I was definitely impressed from all angles. 

The production of this record hits all the right spots, because every song is a decent balance of R&B and pop with just enough bass where it is needed. Lyrically, the word play was a little catchy at time, but it still gave me a satisfying mixture of fun and substance. Not only is this a press play album, but it's also a press play and repeat album, an attribute that is extremely hard to come by these days.  I would describe most of the songs as very sexy and mature, while others are crisp and upbeat, maintaining a smooth transition between the two styles throughout the entire compilation. 

Although liking every single song makes it hard to choose just one favorite track, top 4 would have to be a close tie between: 
  1. Mirrors 
  2. Spaceship Coupe 
  3. That Girl 
  4. Tunnel Vision 

Mirrors is reminiscent of old school N'Sync and even the start of his solo career, while That Girl has more of a new age jazz flare. The bass lines on Tunnel Vision are incredible, yet it's still a really awesome love song.  Suit and Tie eventually grew on me, but honestly, I wasn't an immediate fan (I personally thought it was a bit corny). Regardless of my feelings towards the first single, I love every bit of this album and happy about adding it to my collection. 

Two thumbs up to J.T. on his amazing comeback! 

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