Saturday, August 3, 2013

Sky Box Sounds vol. 10 | #HipHopNation: Summer 2K13

This has been a stellar summer for #HipHopNation.  Between Born Sinner/Truly Yours III, The Gifted, and MCHG, a collective statement has definitely been made with great effort and creativity.  Yeezus was in the mix too, but I personally wasn't thrilled about his level of artistry on this album.  Each one offered something different and unique to the individual artist, enough to tell their full and very personal stories, in my opinion. Other rappers, such as Machine Gun Kelly, Pastor Troy, Mac Miller, and Fabolous dropped albums also that didn't hit the airwaves nearly as much, but I'm anxious to them check out. Overall, it's been a summer era of pretty epic content when it comes to hip-hop. 

J. Cole was very honest on this album, very open as well.  It painted a picture of him on a very personal and still a very powerful level. I was definitely thrilled to see a third sequel to the Truly Yours series. 

Wale was poetic. As signature Wale, he offers an audience clarity through well-written poetic verse and smooth beat/melody combinations. In addition to that, he changes tempo and never exits without an homage to the live band sounds of GoGo music. 

Jay-Z came with a different approach this time.  It was on the same level as his classics, but the content was so fresh and new. It was a light I never saw him in. 

In a way, it tied all the albums together and flowed into an introduction to a new chapter, a certain level of success, in his life and career. And the whole deal with Galaxy only proves once again that he's a genius.  All summer, my stereo hasn't caught a break from the heavy rotation of these 3 ground-breaking albums.

All I have to say is thank you, on behalf of the entire hip-hop community.
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