Saturday, March 8, 2014

Album Review | GIRL - Pharrell

It's been a rather explosive week for music. For starters, Big K.R.I.T. released free downloads everyday starting on 03.03.14 promoting his upcoming project, 'Cadillactica'. Some of my other personal favorites, such as Kid Cuddi and SchoolBoy Q, had albums drop this week as well. It's just been a pretty positiveweek in my book.  As much as I would love to do yet another K.R.I.T. review for you guys, I've already done two for SS, I believe, so to avoid the repetition, I'll move on to the next best thing and allow you guys to fall in love with that southern drawl and heavy bass without my elaborate recommendation.

 Let's talk about G I R L, shall we?

Almost a decade since his last solo EP dropped, Pharrell Williams is at it again. However, that time definitely hasn't been in vain.  He's been busy working behind and in front of the scenes, collaborating with and producing music for some of the most renowned artist in mainstream pop culture.  In different interviews last year, he's been hinting on a new masterpiece in the works and officially announced the release date on February 19 of this year.  Given such a huge success with hit song, Happy (my #1 favorite song last year), in summer 2013, fans like myself were nothing less than thrilled to have a new project to look forward to from him.  Yes, musical glitter dust was sprinkled all over my Monday.  

If I had to use one word to describe this album, I would say: energetic.  It has such a uplifting, feel good vibe throughout with funky and upbeat awesomely constructed instrumentals on every track.  It spoke to me, feeling like his muse as I listened. Although Pharrell's futuristic sound signature was noticeable, it was still progressive.  I am totally in love with the press play value of this compilation. It is absolutely phenomenal and it definitely exceeds my expectations.  It's been on repeat all week and, much like Janelle Monae's 'The Electric Lady' that I still listen to as if it came out today, it will probably be in heavy rotation for a while. 

My favorite tracks, in no particular order, are as follows: 
  • Happy 
  • Gust of Wind 
  • Lost Queen 
  • Know Who You Are (ft. Alicia Keys)
  • Brand New
More than the music itself and his fountain of youth, adorable looks, I truly admire Mr. Williams for his pure genius mentality and intellect.  The most apparent factor that marinates his works is the passion he carries for not only the art of music, but also the evolution of it. He appreciates the new along with the old and I admire that. I loved this interview where he said: 

"...Everything that goes on on this planet is made by the decision of the human being. Thank God a lot of new musicians are realizing that that's when you can effectuate change.  That is why we're seeing so much great music come out, because these kids are like 'I'm not waiting on a record label, not waiting on a radio station. I'm going to put my music up and out to the world and if it's meaningful to people, it will catch fire. 

Job well done, Pharrell. Continue to spread your art like wild fire.  
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