Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Album Review | Jungle - Jungle

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Album: Jungle - Self Titled
Release date: July 15, 2014

Stumbling across Jungle was an accident that I'm glad happened. For a while their music was a little hard to find, buried in sporadically organized internet archives, other than a few videos on Vimeo. Later, I discovered that, for a while, they were an even bigger secret in London. At the time, however, what caught my attention other than the music itself was the dancing...on roller skates. Their wheeled choreography was so cool, smooth, and flawless in motion; it even brought back memories of Saturdays spent at the skating rink in junior high. I believe I spent some hours admiring the dance moves and gave up on my search all-together. Thanks to my beloved, Spotify, I found them again and was able to stream Jungle's most recent album; it's been on repeat ever since. All week, my Spotify has been buzzing with the latest self-titled album of this incredible, yet mysterious, London-based duo.

It's no surprise (to anyone who knows me) that I'm completely in love with UK's music scene...and for good reasons. It would be a dream to find myself in some underground pub in London, dancing the night away to heartfelt bass lines and grime, which I imagine to be a completely opposite experience than the clubs I've been to here and hated.  I have a thing for the psychedelic-funk noise of techno and house mash-ups, a different sound that's not big in mainstream...anything, at least not in the U.S.  

I only feel inclined to do reviews on press play albums, which are, essentially, the ones that I don't have to skip tracks and just let play. This album is full of under-appreciated sounds and I absolutely love it.

My favorites from this album are:
Lemonade Lake

Overall, I thought it was a really great album worth the listen.

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