Sunday, February 1, 2015

It's Superbowl Sunday!!!

As a die hard Cowboys fan, the playoff games where a little hard to watch after our tragic loss against Green Bay Packers. Despite that, I'm proud of my team for such an incredible season, leaving at an impressive 13-5. But as the world continues to spin, life goes on and so does football.

Although I haven't done many updates on the blog as far as sports are concerned, I did want to make a quick blurb in honor of the most important day of the NFL season, which we all know and love as the Superbowl XLIX. This game is going to be EPIC, just because of the match-up. When it's becomes a hard task to predict which way the game will go, that's when you know it's going to be a competition worth watching.

My prediction for this year's Superbowl title goes to the Seattle Seahawks. Tom Brady is an exceptional quarterback and a veteran, but he's definitely no giant against Russell Wilson, who is, performance wise, currently in his prime. Also, with Marshawn Lynch, Richard Sherman, Kam Chancellor, and the remainder of the legion of BOOM, Seattle has a higher chance of winning this, because mental toughness, aggressive plays, and proper strategy and execution are key. Like Stephen A. stated on First Take, today I am PRO-BOOM (for the record, this is a one day only event and does not change or take away from the love I will always have for my beloved Dallas Cowboys).

It goes without saying that I, like most football fans of the nation, are anxious to see who wins. Hopefully, both teams will give their all and walk away knowing they put their best foot forward. At the end of the day, it's all about playing on nothing but heart.  

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