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NBA All-Star Weekend 2k15: Brooklyn

It's been a few years since I've written an article about NBA All-Star WeekendThis year, the events took place in Brooklyn, NYC and every year I find myself more and more disappointed that I, once again, wasn't prepared to make that trip, a bucket list goal of mine. Nonetheless, I do revel in being able to speculate from the comfort of my couch to tune in to one of my favorite annual sporting events to watch and report. 

The weekend's festivities began on Thursday with the Dunk-a-thon, followed by the last NBA game pre-all star weekend, Cavaliers vs. Bulls, Thursday night. I missed it, but Chicago lead with a final score of 113-98.

Friday was the celeb all-star game, which is always fun to watch. The line up is always full of influential celebrities, from NBA owners to notable comedians. Kevin Hart is classic invitee to this particular event that I look forward to seeing him at these games. He's is just so hilarious in his normal demeanor that even if he was trying his absolute best on the court, it's hard to take him seriously. However, he did manage to make a good percentage of his shots, despite the height jokes and comparisons to 13 year-old Little League player, Mo'Ne Davis, and earned his fourth consecutive Sprint Celeb All-Star MVP award.
Image source: CBS Philly
I was happy to see WNBA rookie, Shonni Schimmel, representing the Atlanta Dream (shoutout to my city), as well as Tulsa Shock player, Skylar Diggins. Some of the other celebs there competing was Anthony Anderson, Common, Nick Cannon, Robert Pera, along with a host of other popular names in a variety of industries. 

My Valentine's night was spent in front of my TV screen. It began promptly at 8p.m EST. with the State Farm All-Star night; shooting stars, skills challenge, three-point contest, and last but not least, Sprite slam dunk contest. Although it didn't quite compare to Nate "KrytoNate" Robinson's legendary dunk over Dwight Howard back in 2009, I did enjoy the slam dunk contest this year. I believe there was a fashion show that took place before the events started, but I wasn't really interested in that, but I thought it was a cool little addition to spice things up a bit for all the fashion and style lovers present.

Watching veterans such as Dominique Wilkins and Scottie Pippin get back on the court is always fun, but the sentimental value of Stephen Curry playing alongside his father, Bill Curry was priceless. I was rooting for #TeamWestbrook, but #TeamBosh wins the shooting stars third year in a row.

image source: Bleacher Report
It's been a while since I've been the least bit of impressed with the dunk contest, but that all changed when I witness the greatness that is Zach LaVine. If you were watching, there's really no need for a huge explanation, but this young man set the bar to its rightful place a fresh 19. It brought me right back to circa '97, watching in amazement the "new" kid, 18 year young Kobe Bryant, do all his cool tricks and having my dad school me on the greats that came before him. So congratulations to Mr. LaVine and thank you for awakening childhood nostalgia.

Both East and West had pretty impressive rosters this year and it's always a naturally good time to see so many talented, athletes just play ball. I loved watching the Gasol brothers go head to head tonight. Clearly, family affairs in sports rivalries intrigue me. I was, however, disappointed that Kobe couldn't make it this time and preparing myself to hear him announce his retirement tomorrow night on 'The Interview'.

In lighter news, my predictions on Twitter turned out to be correct for winning team, but  I was on the fence about who would win MVP. (I was going for either, but I absolutely believe Russell Westbrook deserved it.) NBA All-Star champs, West not only wins, but also had the highest scoring All-Star Game in NBA history, according to sources.

Image source.
This year, my favorite parts, outside of the main event of the NBA All Star game Sunday night, was all-star Saturday and coming in close second was the showcase surrounding the all star game Sunday night. I was jumping up and down for both Ne-yo and Nas, two of my absolute faves in the R&B and Hip-Hop category. Nas hitting us with the realness of NY state of mind in staple army jacket? Classic. I can't say I was too crazy about Christina Aguilera's performing, especially when I thought my girl, A. Keys was about to come on stage, but I still think she did a great job overall. The joke of the night was little miss Ariana Grande, but I personally thought she did really well. She's an amazing vocalist. I just know that all the laughs surrounding her premature look when she's shows out at 50 looking no older than 25, but I digress on that note.

Once again, something sports related was the highlight of my weekend. Grab your passports, because next round, we're crossing American borders! Looking forward to 2016 All Star game in Toronto, Canada!

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