Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Sky Box Sounds vol. 24 | We Are King - King

Band: KING
Album: We Are King (2016)

Robert Glasper's fifth studio album, Black Radio, introduced me to the incredibly talented and beautiful trio, King, comprised of Nigerian sisters, Paris and Amber Strother as the primary vocalists of the group, and Anita Bass on the production side.  I can recall being so intrigued by the absolutely intoxicating vocals on the track "Move Love", one of my favorites from the Black Radio project, and just wanting to hear more of them. Finding more music via Soundcloud, even though I was about a year late at that point, I developed a deep love for them like I was a fan from day one. Imagine my excitement when I discovered they'd be releasing their debut album! 

Surpassing all my expectations, the album's sultry jazz feel won me over instantly, because the harmony of these 3 dynamic voices was even more magical than I remembered. It was so easy to just get lost in the softness of the sound that was released as soon as I pressed play. For this to be an album that was engineered and arranged independently, it reaches the level of something with a way bigger production team. It was also right before Valentine's day of this year, so only naturally, emotions were all over the place during my jam session. Every note sweeter than the previous one, I allowed my mind to absorb the lyrics and beautiful instrumentation flowing so smoothly in my headphones.
  • Favorite songs: 
  • Red Eye 
  • The Greatest
  • Hey (extended version)

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