Saturday, May 21, 2016

Album Review | Chapters - Yuna {#MusicMayChallenge no.21}

Artist: Yuna
Album: Chapters (2016)

Singer/songwriter and self-taught musician, Yunalis Mat Zara'ai (professionally known as Yuna) has been crossing cultures and pushing labels with her acoustic sound since the dinosaur days of Myspace. As long as I've been a fan, I've never been able to put her in a restricted box, because her music is so experimental. Essentially, the goal was to make express creatively without losing herself and I think she's been able to accomplish that. Even now with a new record out and an evolving buzz around her name, Chapters is a record that gets back to the basics of creating music for the sake of music. 

Last month, 'Crush' featuring Usher fell on my radar and I anticipated the comeback. Although there was a project released in Malaysia last year, Yuna has been working in silence for the past couple of years with subtle appearances on different projects. Her discography is amazing, so I say this carefully, but Chapters may just be her best solo album yet. It has such an incredible and consistent vibe. 

Favorite songs: 

  • Best Love 
  • Crush' ft. Usher
  • Used to Love You ft. Jhene Aiko
There are a few repeating patterns I've noticed in the lyrical content of her songs, one being unrequited love. I can only assume this to be a personal topic and it's where I relate to her the most. She also talks about self-love personal growth rather frequently. Particularly, tracks like 'Places to Go', 'Poor Heart', and 'Used to Love You' from this album are reflections of the heart that has been through the trenches, but haven't given up on love-more importantly, self-yet. 

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