Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Album Review | The Odd Tape - Oddisee {#MusicMayChallenge no.10}

Artist: Oddisee
Album: The Odd Tape (2016)

Hailing from Prince George's county, Maryland, producer/rapper/underground music extraordinaire, Amir Mohamed el Khalifa, known as Oddisee on stage has been out here grinding for over a decade, never deviating from the art and the true definition of the old saying, "practice makes perfect". It wasn't until some time in 2012 that I'd learn who he was and I was regretfully super late even at that point. Just like any other artist or musician I become newly obsessed with, it's always been a necessary habit to dig through their archives to hear more. Finding peace behind the scenes, this man and the band that stands loyal with him is still such a gem global gem; my apologies for not acknowledging him more than beyond a brief mention. 

If you ever want something to set the mood for a 'wake up and make art' kind of day, The Odd Tape by Oddisse is exactly what you need. Purely instrumental, this beautiful album is a perfect blend of hip-hop, jazz, and soul, purely instrumental. In his own genius way, he captures the blissful spirit of the weekend without the use of lyrics.  The musicality of this album is stunning and if the press play value doesn't awaken creativity, I don't know what else can. Although the album itself hasn't been officially released yet, I strongly encourage you to support The Odd Tape when it does become available. If you live for good music with a positive message/vibration, I promise you won't be disappointed. 

The first time I listened to The Odd Tape, I turned the volume up on my headphones and simply closed my eyes and zoned out, which felt similar to an outer body experience. The second time was reserved for a Sunday drive to nowhere, riding freely west right before sunset. Magical. The third and fourth spins both happened in one, uninterrupted sitting and the fifth time happened quite accidentally as I was cleaning my apartment. I just love the way this album moves me, the images it provokes, and the undeniable inspiration that is manifested within. 

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