Sunday, May 1, 2016

Album Review | Too High to Riot - Bas {#MusicMayChallenge no.1}

Artist: Bas
Album: Too High to Riot (2016)

Although I may have been a tad late on this one, the 2015 release of Revenge of the Dreamers II introduced me to a gem. Abbas Hammad, also known as Bas had this distinct flow, crazy lyrical content, and I just knew he had something special. It didn't take long for me to puruse the web for mix tapes that I missed while sleeping, I fell in love immediately. Shortly after the discovery, I was pleased to hear about his second solo project, Too High to Riot, which was strategically foreshadowed on Revenge of the Dreamers II. 

It seemed like my fandom of this album came quite naturally, due to the artist behind it being a "protege" of one of my personal favorites, J. Cole. However, it didn't sound like a mimicked sound; it was something that was authentic and unique. The production was cohesive with a smooth, late night vibe throughout. 


Live For 
Clouds Never Get Old 

The characteristic of this album that I disliked the most is how condensed the track list was. Based on context, 10 songs just didn't seem like enough and many of the tracks were too short. It felt like there was more story left in certain songs like Live For. Even though I enjoy this album quite a bit as is, it has so much potential in a sense. Perhaps, he'll be more a little more ambitious, more of a risk taker on the next project. 

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