Thursday, June 30, 2016

Look Book | Summer x Skateboard P.

Summer Look Book 2016

A classic piece in my wardrobe will always be distressed jeans/shorts. Not only are they an easy choice, but it enables me to transform old jeans into my own little DIY project. It's so hipster, and as much as I hate being placed into a box, that style category seems to fit my personality enough for me to not mind.

Typically, I'm not into trends, however, I'm really loving the whole blush tone aesthetic that seems to be super popular now. If you haven't already noticed from previous look books, my style is very casual, but I like to add feminine touches here and there. This outfit has a youthful charm that is perfect for one of those days where I feel like deviating from my normal B+W palette into something more festive and upbeat. With its flirty vibes and fun colors, I could definitely picture this being a cute summer daytime date outfit and I'm all for "day dates". Speaking of, I may actually recreate this look in the coming weeks (or something similar, considering I do not actually own that top...yet).

What's a staple piece in your closet that isn't necessarily standard (i.e. little black dress, white button up, etc.)

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