Saturday, December 3, 2016

Will the Dallas Cowboys Make Super Bowl LI?

With the Dallas Cowboys peaking at 11-1 so far this season, the critics and the fans are now beginning to question if the most loved/hated team in America has what it takes to make it to the Super Bowl in February. 

As a fan, of course, I'd want to see my team play in the Super Bowl, especially since I've only witnessed the Cowboys in a championship game once in my lifetime, which was SB XXX '95. However, it's best to try to be as unbias as possible when it comes to sharing prediction thoughts on the possibility.

In week 13 of the season, it's safe to say that Dallas Cowboys have the best Offense line in the NFL right now. Although it is a known theory that defense wins games, that hasn't been very relevant while discussing the success Cowboys' have had thus far. Only losing one game in week one by 1 point, it's fair to say that what they lack in defense doesn't actually matter. Their biggest downfall, which is a weak defense, may not even be a problem at all.

As a unit, they've been consistent and dominant with their average time of possession, which is also a key ingredient to winning in the NFL. It's really unecessary to mention (because...#facts), but Eziekiel Elliot is the best running back in the NFL right now and QB Dak Prescott still manages to play impressively well, even in critical conditions. The rookies are showing out! Then adding veteran WR, Dez Bryant to the mix, it's a deadly combination, a weapon that has consistently led them to the best I've seen them play in years. At this rate, there is honestly no doubt in my mind that they will maintain their #1 spot in NFC East all season long.

So do I think Dallas will make it to Super Bowl 51? Absolutely. We only have a month until Wild Card Weekend, so I'm confidently crossing my fingers that the Boys keep up the momentum and take the world by storm in the play offs.
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