Thursday, January 19, 2017

NBA Game of the Week: Golden State Warriors vs. OKC Thunder

The intensity and high-emotion of last night's game between the Golden State Warriors vs. OKC Thunder inspired me to start up Game of the Week series, which is an idea I've been brewing since I started this blog. Honestly, I can't even take full credit for it, so thanks to my boy, B.Braxton for planting the seed in my head. What it basically is is a short and sweet recap of my favorite games from the week, of course not limited to just basketball.

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So let's get into it...

Is it just me, or does K.D. perform 10x's better under pressure? How else can you explain accomplishing yet another season-high of 40 pts facing a former team. Westbrook, despite the travel incident (and how many turnovers??), came with the heat too, with 27 pts, 15 rebounds, and 13 assist.  And can we take a moment to reflect on Durant's unforgettable reverse pass dunk combination in the 3rd? Wowzers

However, I did recognize that something was a little off balance about Westbrook, who was out there making rookie mistakes; don't know what it was, but it was far from subtle. Being that OKC hasn't won a game on Warrior's hardwood since 2014, he might want to respectfully keep that in mind when his team has home court advantage in the next couple of months. 

Aside from the Brody vs. Durant show, both teams did their thing last night. Steph Curry came with his A game per usual; so did Draymond Green and Klay Thomas. Thunder's center, Enes Kanter, added 22 pts and 9 rebounds off the bench, but c'mon...we all know who took center stage in this game, easily, so no point in trying to take away the stars of the show. I mean, did anyone else even play? 

In conclusion, it's always a damn good match up when Westbrook and K.D. are on the court together, even when they're playing on separate teams. It drives me a little insane that I don't always know how to let the past go sometimes and as much as it still kills me to not see them in the same uniform, all being fair in love + basketball, only one team takes home the win. Warriors dominated with a final score of 121-100.
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