Thursday, January 12, 2017

STYLE REPORT | Dream Closet, Pt. I

Pink + Black

Black + Pink are my 2 favorite colors, black naturally being the dominant choice. I believe outfit speaks volumes for who I am. Overtime, I've grown to appreciate and embrace my feminine side the same way I do for my "tomboy" side, because as much as I'm the girl who love sports, I'm also the girl who adores wearing high heels ("...she's only 5'2...") and prioritizes getting her nails done every 2 weeks. For the most part-when it comes to my personal style-I like to keep things laid back and simple, allowing the shoes and earrings to make a statement. 

Updating my wardrobe is actually long over due and this would actually be the perfect place to start: an Adidas crew neck, a Herschel Supply Co. book bag, Jeffrey Campbell 's classic Lita boot, a pair of nicely fitted boyfriend jeans, and my favorite fragrance, Chanel CoCo Noir would definitely be essentials in my closet. This post is not sponsored, by the way; I'm simply listing what I like in hopes that it creates positive vibrations to send to the universe, in the hope that I won't be dreaming for long. 

What are some of your closet staples?

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