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TECH TUESDAYS | Top 10 Essential Apps for Health + Fitness

More than 90% of people who watch sports on a consistent basis are also heavy technology users. Of course, that's a ball park statistic, but I'm pretty sure in 2017, most people own a smart phone. There are so many instances where I think life would be better if I opted for a pink bedazzled flip phone and get back to the basics, however it would be hard for me to let go of the convenience of my iPhone, which I'm sure is the case for most people in that 18-35 age group. App developers have really been able to tap into the sports demographic so well, so that their smart phone feels personalized.

Disclaimer: As an athlete and sports fan turned sports blogger, it's important for me to take full advantage of the myriad of options available in the app store that cater specifically to those interest. The sports + fitness apps I currently have on my device definitely get daily usage out of me and I'm always on the hunt for new ways to improve my experience. Therefore, this post is not sponsored and 100% composed of my thoughts and opinions regarding each application.

That being said, here is a list of the Top 10 essential apps for sports fanatics, hand picked by moi, most of which can be found on both Apple and Android's devices:

Favorite Fitness apps: 

  1. Nike Training Club. By far my favorite fitness app, this gives me the freedom to do my workouts primarily from home. With a new year comes new gym members and sometimes the crowd can be a little overwhelming. What I love about NTC is how you can personalized your workout regimen based on your fitness goals and how well it syncs with my iPhone, so that I'm able to listen to my music while I workout. It also gives you access to certified Nike trainers and exclusive Nike events around the world and in your area to give you that extra push if need be.
  2. Nike + Run Club. In conjunction with NTC, I also highly recommend Nike's run app. It gives detailed insight on on runs, including distance, calories burned, and pace. The app itself is easy to use and is engineered to make running fun, which is something I find quite useful, especially for someone who isn't exactly a runner. To add comic relief and a bit of extra motivation, Kevin Hart's voice is intergrated in the app, encouraging me to keep pushing through my work out, so that's pretty cool as well. 
  3. SwimIO. (iOS) Formally known as Speedo Swim, this is the best way to log swimming yardage, set goals, and track progress. It also enables you to join different challenges that make the workout fun and connect with friends. It's also nice to use when I'm away from home and looking for local [25 m.] pools in the area.
  4. Lifesum. Despite what your health and fitness goals are, a key component is obviously your daily diet and the relationship you have with food. This app helps you create and maintain a lifestyle that is suitable for what you're trying to accomplish.
  5. Swork it. (iOSGoogle) This is another app that's good for on-the go work outs, where you don't necessarily need a gym membership to stay active. Most of the work outs are fairly quick, high-powered workouts, designed to appease people with busy lifestyles. 
  6. FitStart Yoga. If you're new to yoga like me, this is the perfect app to help you get started on your journey. It's also suitable for expert yogis, so it's completely up to what you're comfortable with. 
  7. My Fitness Pal. This is a pretty well-known iOS app and has been ranked #1 health + fitness app for quite some time now. It makes it easy to track calories.
  8. Apple Health + S Health. These are the apps that come standard with most devices. They're able to track health data such as heart rate, blood pressure/temperature, as well as day to day activity.  And because mind is just as-if not, more-important than matter, there's a mindfulness section that enables you to quite your mind, relax, and get in a good head space before, during, and after a workout. It also helps track nutrition and sleep cycles to help you stay consistent with your wellness.
  9. 10k Runner (iOSGoogle). This app helps someone prepare to run a 10k in 14 weeks. I think it would be really efficient for athletes who haven't trained in a while and for someone who is just beginning. 
  10. Last but not least....your music apps of choice. I absolutely love Apple Music, so that's my preferred music streaming app and syncs to both my previously mentioned NTC and NRC apps. I also have a free Spotify membership, in the case I want to switch it up and listen to random songs on shuffle. For me, music during my workout is essential. A lot of the times, different streaming services have built in workout play list, so that you don't have to go through the labor of creating your own. I like to create my own play list that provide a really high pumped atmosphere and to me, it's nothing more motivational than hearing Big K.R.I.T. blasting through my speakers on my last leg of a 5k. Phenomenal.
Let's get into your mind for a moment: Do you train or workout regularly?  Do we share the same top 10? If not, what are your go to apps to use and how are they helping you reach your fitness goals? Let me know!

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