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TECH TUESDAYS | Top 10 Essential Apps for Sports Fans

Back again, with another installment of TECH TUESDAYS, where I discuss all the apps and gadgets that make life a bit more easy for athletes, bloggers, and sports lovers alike. Last week, I covered my top 10 Essential apps that support and drive my on-going fitness journey. This week, I'll be discussing my favorite sports apps for news coverage, updates, or just basic streaming live games/entertainment.

Disclaimer: The sports + fitness apps I currently have on my device definitely get daily usage out of me and I'm always on the hunt for new ways to improve my experience. Therefore, this post is not sponsored and 100% composed of my thoughts and opinions regarding each application.

That being said, here is a list of the Top 10 essential apps for sports fanatics, hand picked by moi, most of which can be found on both Apple and Android's devices:

Sports apps:  

  1. Team Stream/Bleacher Report. Before this was an app, I was a big fan of Bleacher Report sports blog. What I love about this app is how clean and fluid the interface is. The app allows you to customize your feed based on your selected teams, as well as share your favorite articles on varying social media platforms. Also, I love that it's 3D touch enabled for easy access.
  2. ESPN. (iOS, Google)ESPN has more options as far as live streaming goes and quicker news stories. I wouldn't say that it's more reliable than Team Stream's feed, but obviously it's a more trusted source. 
  3. NFL Mobile. For all things football related, there is NFL Mobile. Offering fast, high-quality streaming, live game footage, and reliably, this app is perfect for the everyday football fan, who doesn't necessarily engage too much in other sports and whose passion lies on the gridiron. 
  4. FanDuel. (iOS, Android)Although I have yet to play fantasy football or join a league, this is for those who do. I've tested the app myself and it holds up really nice compared to the official NFL fantasy football app. A couple of my friends who have their own teams have suggested this as well. 
  5. team specific apps (Los Angeles Lakers, Dallas Cowboys).
  6. Sportle. (iOS) This app is good for live streaming, as well as finding out where a particular game is streaming and whether or not the user has access to it. It seems that a good amount of people are ditching conventional cable and this app help solves the issue of being able to watch certain games. 
  7. MLB.com at Bat. (iOS) For all things baseball related, MLB.com has an app for that also. The only thing I really dislike about this app is the ads are a little intrusive and distracting. Hopefully that's something that will get better in the coming updates. Other than that, I do believe it serves its purpose pretty well. 
  8. NCAA Sports.  The best way to keep up with college game days is via NCAA Sports app. The only time of year I really use/download this app is just in time for the NCAA Championships, but I do know it's good for hosting live video coverage of most NCAA sports and the latest articles from NCAA writers.
  9. FIFA Official App. I'm not too heavy into soccer, but I know this is a solid app for those who are. The coverage is not only reliable when it comes to in-depth coverage, but also comprehensive with a special focus on the FIFA World Cup.

App to look for: 

  • FINA mobile app suite by Omnigon : phase I scheduled to be launched by March 2017, followed by phase II by July 2017, just in time for the FINA World Championships
What are some of your go-to apps to follow your favorites sports/teams?
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