Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Martellus Bennett and The Imagination Agency Seems Like Exactly What the World Needs

After the expressions of agony and excitement of Super Bowl LI subsided, social media was immediately clouded again with politics and think pieces that compared the Patriots' win to the climate of racism in America. The new headline was that Martellus Bennett, tight end for the NE Patriots, was choosing to sit out on the trip to the White House, which is a tradition in the world of American sports. It's not like he didn't have a right to take a stand, no different than what Colin Kaepernick did not too long ago for the Black Lives Matter movement or even dating back to the iconic Black Power salute in the 1968 Olympics. Actually, what he did was no different than when Tom Brady opted out of the teams' meeting with President Obama in 2015 either, so we already know what they wanted this to be about. 

People find some kind of sinister joy in doing everything they can to overshadow the light with their drama, negativity, and political uproars. This is why the world is shaped the way it is...because people either focus on the negative or find some way to create nothing out of something. Here, Bennett takes the time to speak with NBC’s Morgan Radford on his initiative to help children dream bigger dreams and dance with imagination. 

This gem crossed my timeline and it was to beautiful not to share. Hopefully this brings a little sunshine to your world today.

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