Tuesday, February 28, 2017

TECH TUESDAYS | Tech Wish List

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  1. Ninetendo Switch. Retailing at approximately $300, it is definitely a privilege to own this gaming system, any gaming system for that matter. As a casual gamer, I'm not sure that it's a smart money decision to order one for myself, but the moment I heard about it, I knew I wanted one.
  2. Apple Watch series 2. Another pricey item on the wish list is the Apple Watch Series 2. After tuning in the this year's Apple Keynote, I was completely sold on this bad boy, especially after finding out that it would be water  proof and I'd be able to swim with it. I'd like to think this would be an investment, as well as an incentive to help me keep track of my fitness. 
  3. Rise BT House of Marley headphones. The style of these headphones are super dope, but what I like most is the values that The House of Marley upholds. All of their products are designed using eco-friendly, sustainable materials, recycled parts, and engineered for great quality. I also like that some of the proceeds from sales go towards supporting charitable organizations. It's important to note that they'll soon be selling turn tables as well, so that's pretty cool too. 
  4. Last but not least, I've really been saving up for a new laptop. The one I currently have is a 10 year old Dell, so I'm long over due for a new one. I'm still conducting research on which laptop will best suit my needs, but for the time being, I use a desktop that my uncle built for me, which I'll likely still use, because it works just fine. However, for the sake of mobility and efficiency, I'll definitely be needing something portable soon. 

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