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Style Report | "We Should All Be Feminist."

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Chiara Ferragni. Christian Dior Spring Couture 2017 Runway Show. Paris Couture Week.

First of all, can we all have a round of applause for RihRih? Having recently been awarded the 2017 Humanitarian of the Year by Harvard Foundation, Rihanna has really been out here being a complete bada$$ in true form, silently building, and consistently winning in varying avenues. This post isn't about her or anyone else for that matter, but more about how fashion can be used to speak to and shift the culture forward.

I love the message imprinted on Christian Dior x Rihanna we should all be feminist shirts. Lately, these shirts have been everywhere and although they cost way outside of my tax bracket ($710), I do know that a percentage of the proceeds are being donated to the Clara Lionel Foundation, which advocates for education, health, and justice within poverty stricken communities around the world. If I were able to support, I absolutely would.

This may very well be a ploy, exploiting a very serious movement for the benefit of the company itself, but I'm all for using trends to reach a larger audience. There's something very positive to be said about women who use their celebrity, brands, and platforms to not only empower women as a whole, but to give back to communities who don't have access to certain resources. I especially love how Rihanna, Chiara Ferragani, and other celebrities have chosen to incorporate this piece in their everyday style. 

With that being said, I just completed a think piece on my personal blog, We Should All Be Feminist, where I'm essentially exploring the topic of feminism as a whole and expressing my thoughts on the movement and why I think it's important.

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Rodulfo, Kristina "Dior's "We Should All Be Feminist" Shirts Will Benefit Rihanna's Charity." Elle Magazine. 28 February 2017. 20 March 2017 [accessed].


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