Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Tech Tuesdays | Hoop Maps

Photo credit: Matthew Nobert {image source.}
Earlier this month, Slam Magazine editors, Peter Walsh and Abe Schwadrohad, had the honor of speaking with basketball legend, Julius "Dr. J." Erving, on their Respect the Game podcast. Among the many topics that were covered in the interview was his days playing at Harlem's Rucker Park with Virginia Squire teammate, Charlie Scott. Pick-up basketball hasn't changed much since then as far as retired vets coming to play with the neighborhood hype beast and a crowd of local spectators coming to see the free show, except now, there's all sorts of technology used to capture those rare footage moments that were once upon a time so exclusive.

Apparently, the love of the game hasn't changed much either and now there's a mobile app that compliments the popular ball is life mantra. Donte and Dominic Morris, the twin collaborators, both alumni of Sacramento State University, knew that there was a piece of the game missing, whereas before, the crew would ride around town in search of an open court or gym to play on, trying to find a game to join, which was always a hit or miss. The duo then came up with a genius solution to create Hoop Maps, an app that would-essentially-assist hoopers in building local teams to ball with, further alleviating the challenge in finding nearby courts for pick-up games. It's a new level of street ball that the world hasn't quite experienced yet, simply because the technology wasn't available previously.

As a former athlete who is getting back into basketball just for fun, I do have the Hoop apps application downloaded on my personal device. Although I have yet to create or join a squad, I've created a profile and crossed my fingers, hoping that soon enough I can locate some cool individuals for a Saturday hoop session.

Hoop Maps is currently only available in the Apple app store, as it is still a relatively new app, but at the rate its going with a radar of 1,000 + users, over 15K downloads, and national attention from shows, such as #SC6 in just the first few months of existence, the app is already explosive, so we're confident that it will expand beyond being an underground hidden gem in the coming months. 

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