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Tidal Wave Wednesdays no. 4 | NBA Playoff szn, #WrestleMania33, & More

Excuse me for missing last week, following the climax of #MarchMadness at that, but Tidal Wave Wednesdays are back in action and I'll do my very best to not bypass or overlook another week on and committ to a weekly sports news series in this format.

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  • For starters, it's no new news who dominated the NCAA basketball tournament, but a huge congratulations is due to the ladies of University of South Carolina for winning their very first NCAA championship title and to the University of North Carolina Men's basketball. 
  • Also, shout out to Morgan William, guard for Mississippi State University's team, who came in super clutch with the final shot that ultimately lead to a victory over University of Connecticut in the Final Four, single handedly ending UConn's 111 game winning streak. After the tragic loss of her father just a few years prior, that was such a beautiful moment. 

WrestleMania 33

  • I hadn't watched WWE since the late 90's, but this year, I was really into the entire week of WrestleMania events. Not only was the production itself incredible, but I now have a new found respect for the athleticism behind professional wrestling. It was really cool getting to know all the animated characters, almost like watching a sitcom with heavy action, tough fighting scenes, and dramatic, yet entertaining story lines. It lead me to binge watch Total Divas as well just to get a little more insight on the women of WWE. I definitely felt the glow (Trinity Fatu aka Naomi is one of my faves). 

NBA + playoff szn

  • The endless discussion when it comes to the NBA seems to be who should be this year's MVP and the conversation continues to blow my mind. I could be like every other sports writer and write a think piece on why I've chosen Russell Westbrook over everyone else in the running, but to save time and energy: Russell Westbrook for MVP. The end. 
  • Speaking of Brodie, this article confirms my belief that there was never bad blood between Westbrook and Durant. 
  • Saturday April 15, 2017 is officially day 1 of NBA playoff szn. 

  • The top 4 teams clinched in the eastern conference: 

    1. Celtics (52-29) 
    2. Cleveland (51-30) 
    3. Wizards (49-32)
    4. Raptors (50-31) 

  • In the west: 

    1. Warriors (66-15)
    2. Spurs (61-20) 
    3. Rockets (54-27)
    4. Clippers (50-31). 
  • As of yesterday, 6/8 of the first round match ups are set, 5 of those teams have home court advantage, and most of the series in west is already locked in {Spurs vs. Grizzlies, Rockets vs. Thunder, Jazz vs. Clippers, Golden State vs. Portland}. Tonight-which concludes regular season-we'll know the entire field going into the playoffs. 
  • Although GSW is locked in as no. 1 seed with home court advantage throughout the playoffs, San Antonio is the most explosive team in the western conference and their match is easily Boston for the east. 

NFL + NFL Draft 2017

  • NFL Draft is quickly approaching and so much is happening on that playground. It's always a thrill to try to guess who will go where and how the team will take to the new rookie in town. Just to get a glimpse of what the playing field looks like to the executives and reps, here are a list of NFL's top 50 prospects for this year's draft...
  • In other distant news, Tony Romo has officially "retired" and will soon be taking a position as NFL analyst over at CBS Sports. In a quote provided by Todd Archer, reporter for ESPN, Romo expressed his sentiments about leaving the team:
"That's part of playing sports. It doesn't always go the way you expect. You can put everything into it and sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn't..."
  • After 14 seasons with the franchise, it's unfortunate that the Cowboys didn't honor him a little better, but I do believe the ones who truly enjoyed watching him play showed appreciation for his dedication to Dallas. It was bittersweet to watch it all play out, but certainly, I can speak on behalf on all fans by wishing him well in all his future endeavors. 


  • The New York Mets had a phenomenal win this week, sealing the deal on a 14-4 victory against the Phillies; achieving 20 hits, 14 extra base hits, and 14 runs. Yoenis Cespedes was in a zone last night, becoming the first Met with multiple 3-homer games. #LGM!!!
  • There was speculation that Yoenis was well on his way to the free agency, however, it's been confirmed that he resigned a 4-year contract with his current team last November, so the Mets won't have any issues in that regard. 
  • When it comes to baseball, I've been completely out of the loop, because why am I just now finding out that Matt Kemp is on the Atlanta Braves now?!? I have to do better...
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