Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Tidal Wave Wednesdays no.6 | the Redemption of the Boston Massacre, Golden State's Victory, + More!

NBA Eastern Conference Finals: 

Is there a possible redemption from the Boston Massacre?

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  • Did the luck of the Irish run out? In what fans have deemed to be "the Boston Massacre" Friday night's game (05.20.17) against Cleveland was a disrespect to the entire eastern conference. What a disaster. 44 points? Even as a Lakers fan, it should've made my day to see a rival team lose that bad, but I took a chance on the Celtics, and as a fan of the game itself, I was mildly disappointed. Take a look at my Twitter feed that night; I was heated:

  • Honestly, that had the potential to be a Game of the Week post, but I figured to give them a break and not add to the slander. 
  • The silver lining for Boston happened Sunday night (05.21.17) in the redemption of game 3, where Celtics - without Isaiah Thomas in the game, might I add - decided to boss up and claim a 111-108 victory against Cleveland. 
  • I do think that Celtics failed to capitalize on Lebron's one bad post-season game and passed up several opportunities to secure another win in game 4, but at least they cleaned up the mess they made in game 2. Even though the chances are looking slim for a comeback for the books for Boston, it's still very possible. However, I will say that they definitely have more than King James to worry about going forward. 

Golden State Warriors: the 2017 Western Conference Champions

Jose Carlos Fajardo/Bay Area News Group
  • Meanwhile, Warriors dominate the Western Conference Finals in a historic 4 game sweep against the Spurs. Game 3 was a tad bit more competitive than it has been this series, but unfortunately for San Antonio, it wasn't enough. I'm not incredibly surprised nor am I upset that the inevitable happened. Now we're all just waiting to see who they will face June 1 of the NBA finals...


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  • Sylvia Fowles of the Minnesota Lynx and Layshia Clarendon of the Atlanta Dream were deemed the WNBA’s Eastern and Western Conference Players of the Week for the games played during opening week, which was a first time honor for Clarendon and an eighth for Fowles.
  • In honor of WNBA Pride month next month, I plan to do a lot more coverage on the WNBA, because they sincerely don't get the credit they deserve.


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  • The Nashville Predators beat the Ducks Monday night and are on their way to the Stanley Cup finals for the first time! What a time to be a Predators fan...

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