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NBA Playoff SZN is Fully Loaded: Game 7 Preview + Predictions

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Game 7 it is...

The Washington Wizards definitely put on a show last night in their match up against the Boston Celtics. John Wall and Bradley Beal-2 of my picks for top 10 underdogs in the NBA, no less - shut. it. DOWN! However, I'm still rooting for Boston to take the series and considering they've won every home game against Washington this series, there's a pretty good chance they'll dominate game 7 Monday night. Of course, winner will face Cleveland Cavaliers in the Eastern finals, which start Wednesday, May 17th. My money is on Boston all the way through. 

Bye-Bye, Rockets!!!

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Although in the moment I was ready to discredit James Harden in game 6 against the Spurs, he's had one helluva season. The somewhat unfortunate thing about the playoffs-sports in general really-is there is all this build up to one big moment. If you don't show up in that particular moment such as a game like this, it either confirms or invalidates how spectators measure your performance. 

The Houston fiasco is similar to what Kobe went through during game 7 of the 2006 playoffs against the Phoenix Suns. To this day, as amazing as an athlete he's been his entire career, has not been able to and will probably never be able to live that down. Needless to say, job well done to Harden, but...Russell Westbrook is still my MVP pick, because even in a loss like the hit Harden and the Rockets took last night, he would not have gone down without a fight, especially without the opposing teams' MVP.

"I always say that Popovich is the Belichick of the NBA." 
-Erica Renee Davis | @EricaReneeD  

Everyone is counting on San Antonio not to win against Golden State next week, but I'm not counting them out just yet. I'm predicting at least a 3 run this season.

Road to the finals...

Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors are the top contenders for the NBA Finals and I'm not betting on either team to win this year. Both teams have had it pretty easy in the first round, if we're being perfectly honest, but I still think fans have put this on a pedestal based on historical context. It's not that I don't think either team is capable of making it that far, I just think it makes for more interesting basketball when the unexpected teams dominate. That being said, my finals prediction at this point is San Antionio Spurs vs. Boston Celtics. 

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