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Why Team Loyalty Matters so Much in the Sports World

I'm the type of fan whose interest in a team is usually sparked from sentimental values. For instance, I've been a fan of the Los Angeles Lakers for as long as I can remember, dating back to the early 90's when I had my first taste of sports. It's the same longstanding connection I have to Dallas Cowboys, America's favorite team, yet the hardest team in the NFL to defend. Even though neither teams are my home team, they each hold a very dear and special place in my heart.

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Other teams, like Atlanta Braves and Atlanta Dream, I was born into and decided to stick with. Growing up, my family didn't have a lot of money. Fortunately, my parents were able to make sacrifices, so that I could have wonderful experiences. To this day, I'm not sure if money was tight or it was a matter of doing things I'd be interested in, but the tickets to attend MLB and WNBA games-home games specifically-have always been less expensive than other leagues like NFL and NBA. That's what my dad used to create very positive daddy-daughter bonding moments with and for me when I was growing up. I'm naturally connected to Atlanta Dream and Atlanta Braves for that reason. 

Longtime fan of: 

♡ NBA: Los Angeles Lakers 
♡ NFL: Dallas Cowboys 
♡ WNBA: Atlanta Dream 
♡ MLB: Atlanta Braves

On the other hand, there are teams that I've selected more recently, simply because I either never felt that attached to the sport itself or just couldn't, for whatever reason, make my heart up. Choosing a team to commit to is a process that I take very seriously; it's almost as serious as selecting friends and romantic partners in real life. 

 New/semi-new fan of:

♡ NFL: Dallas Cowboys
NCAAW Basketball (circa 2008): USC Gamecocks 
♡ NCAAM Basketball (16-17 season): Kansas City Jayhawks 
 ♡ NHL (2017): Nashville Predators

In 2017, my list of favorite teams finally feels complete.

Any true sports fan can tell you that loyalty is everything when it comes to our teams. It's not easy to be expected to perform your absolute best every single game no matter how tired you are or to welcome any level of defeat, knowing that millions of fans are watching your every move. Sure, being a professional athlete has its perks, but at the end of the day, it's a job and a sacrifice that has its share of setbacks. I am personally inspired by all of it: the heart of competition, the hustle, the drive, and profiting from doing something you love.

For the fans, there's something absolutely satisfying about watching a team go through the ashes and rise again and being able to say you were there during the struggle. Even as someone who is new to hockey and the Nashville Predators, looking into their history and what they've been able to accomplish as such a young team in the NHL is extremely impressive and makes me wish I started my fandom at an earlier point in time. Being a supportive fan even through the darkest of times is something the players are directly energized by; it keeps them going, because realistically, there is no team that just wins all the time (well except the New England Patriots). Plus, no one likes bandwagon fans.

Who are your favorite sports teams?

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  1. NFL: Dallas cowboys
    NBA: LA lakers
    College men sports: Michigan teams (cheer for home state teams Virginia) and Oregon track.
    Women's basketball: tenn and lsu
    Women's softball: fsu
    Baseball and hockey: I cheer for multiple teams.



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