Friday, August 11, 2017

Fresh Reset: NFL 2017-2018 SZN Preview

Good news, football fans...we're less than a month away from regular season football!!! 

Aside from baseball, this awkward gap between NBA and NFL seasons has never really been a personal favorite, full of "hot takes", trade rumors, and scrimmage games but soon enough, Mondays, Thursdays, and Sundays will be back to normal again. 

Games/rivalries most anticipated:

Cowboys vs. everybody: (lol) For any Cowboys fan, every game is the main event. Last season, the boys did an amazing job with a 13-3 record, number 1 seed in the NFC east, but unfortunately choked before they had a chance to face Atlanta in the final round of the playoffs. One can only hope that that same fire is only amplified during the duration of this upcoming season.

Revenge of the Falcons (?): 28-3. It's hard to imagine that the home team will EVER live that tragedy down; believe it or not, the city is still recovering. In some kind of twisted way, this incredible loss gave the #TrueToAtlanta fans hope. I get it, because at least we know they can make it to the Super Bowl and do well. It's hard to say which game I look forward to the most, other than the most obvious one on October 22, 2017.

Photo credit: Curtis Compton-AJC

Rookies to keep a close eye on: 

Along with the NBA draft, there's a pretty lengthy list of NFL draft picks to pay attention to, many already ranked in possible scenarios this season. However, my list is rather short, considering college football wasn't that really on my radar last year. More specifically, there are 3 who strike my curiosity in the big leagues: Mike Williams, Isaiah McKenzie, and last, but not least, Tarik Cohen.

Tarik Cohen, Running Back - Chicago Bears. I've raved about Mr. Cohen on a few different occasions, because this young man has something special. Not only is he a graduate of my alma mater, his talent and ability is just as impressive as his humble personality. There are great things in store for him. As a woman who is all about faith and family, I know that great things are in store and I can't help but {continue to} root for him. 

Draft day. Photo credit: Madeline Gray-The Undefeated

Isaiah McKenzie, Wide Receiver - Denver Broncos: Joining the legacy of the 2015 Super Bowl champs, the Denver Broncos have selected Georgia's very own Isaiah McKenzie in the 2017 NFL Draft, who hasn't made many top 5 or 10 list, but certainly has potential. An absolute beast on the field during his time at UGA, it's no shocker that he chose to forgo his final season to take advantage of the chance of a lifetime and play professionally. 

Photo credit: Dale Zanine -USA TODAY Sports

Mike Williams, Wide Receiver - Los Angeles Chargers: Carrying the size, speed, and over all physical control, Michael Smith is the the kind of heavy-weight WR teams should want to run with. After a major injury in 2015, he came back with a vengeance; 98 passes for 1,361 yards and 11 touchdowns, we all saw the spark of an athlete who would be exceptional on a larger stage. Comparable to the likes of Cowboys' Wide Receiver, Dez Bryant, in my opinion, I think he's going to do just fine.  

Photo credit: Jae C. Hong-Associated Press
I begin each season with eyes wide open to endless possibilities. Any fan is searching for any strand of improvement from the season before and all eyes are set on the athletes who get out there and make it happen. Each season brings new opportunities, as well as a new set of fears and expectations and this year is no different. I'm not 100% sure where the time has gone, but it is absolutely that time of year once again! I'm hype to pull out the hot wing platters and plastic cups, because...#footballback!

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