Friday, September 8, 2017

Week 1 #NFLKickoff2017 Season Opener: Kansas City Chiefs vs. New England Patriots

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September 7, 2017 8:30PM EST
Gillette Stadium - Foxborough, MA
KC Chiefs vs. NE Patriots

As of Thursday, September 7th, the 2017 NFL season has officially began. Week 1 started off last night with Chief's 42-27 win against the New England Patriots, a lively battle between the reigning Super Bowl champions and one of the most dominant teams in the AFC West. 

This past spring during offseason, Patriots acquired Wide Receiver, Brandin Cooks, former WR for the New Orleans Saints, who was also one of the stand out players in last night's game alongside Danny Amendola, despite his injury. Another player out due to injury was Patriots' leading WR, Julian Edelman and although the void was apparent, it's good that New England has options going forward. 

Tom Brady wasn't his best, but still managed to accumulate close to 300 yds. in last night's game, but that still wasn't enough compared to Alex Smith, who was closer to 400 in the upper 300 yards range and was able to score 4 touchdowns for the Chiefs.  The way I see it, perhaps it just wasn't a game for Brady and of course, one game doesn't take away from someone's overall talent or value to his team. The same way we should expect consistency from Smith, we can't write Brady off that quickly, considering it's only week 1.

Honestly, I don't think many people - including Chief fans - expected Patriots to welcome defeat. Everyone loves an a good underdog story, so I think it made for a nice little plot twist to start the season with. 

Best match up: Tyreek Hill (WR, Kansas City) - Brandin Cooks, (WR New England) 
Shout out to Andy Reid for giving Hill another chance after that initial fumble at the very first snap of the game. I don't know many coaches who wouldn't have benched him from that point forward. That decision - in my opinion - is what lead this team to victory last night. A patient runner with an understated strength, Tyreek Hill continued to push through and really maximized his opportunity to prove himself.

Most interesting players to watch: Alex Smith (QB, Kansas City), Brandin Cook (WR, Patriots), and Kareem Hunt (RB, Kansas City)

Top 3 Plays:
  1. Brandin Cooks' first catch as a Patriot; pass from Brady in the 1st
  2. Brady's 20 to 20 60 yard pass to Brandin Cook, putting the penalty marker back at the 40 yd line for the Patriots
  3. TD by Kansas City RB Kareem Hunt; deep pass from Alex Smith in the 4th

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