Welcome to The Sky Box Suite ©, the "official" digital arena of sports + music + style, according to Chymere A. The Sky Box Suite is your new favorite online destination for all things sports, told primarily from the perspective of a sports savvy diva, who loves music and dabbles in style.

Inspired by the likes of sports journalist, Jemele Hill of His & Hers and blogger, Jill Munroe of Jocks And Stiletto Jill, I wanted to get back in the game, as this is my second attempt at running a blog centered primarily around sports. Because women of color in the world of sports journalism are still largely misrepresented and the business itself is a male dominated industry all around, there's so much unlocked potential to challenge the idea that women don't belong here.

12.15.16: Proud to officially announce the official launch of THE SKY BOX SUITE, the new home to SPORTS + MUSIC, according to Chymere A., which is, essentially, sports told from the perspective of a sports savvy sweetheart (who loves music)


  • The 1st quarter (Jan-Mar) is essentially the beta test run. During this time, I'll be researching, experimenting, and setting the groundwork for branding/marketing, learning and making necessary changes as I go, but at the same time, working towards being consistently good and putting out quality content. 
  • It is the goal to increase engagement, views, and PPW (post per week) in the 2nd quarter (Apri-Jun).
  • Collaborating, networking, and getting my name out there will be the primary focus of the 3rd quarter (Jul-Sep).  
  • In the 4th + final quarter (Oct-Dec) of the game, I'll be reviewing the year in retrospect and creating/improving a new strategy for the upcoming season. 
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