Tidal Wave Wednesdays no.13 | Super Bowl LII Predictions, #PHLvsDAL, & More!!!


Super Bowl LII Predictions

Heading into week 11, it's around this time that sports fans and analyst typically begin to calculate their Super Bowl picks. Although I am a proud fan and my love for my team grows bigger by the minute, I don't think it's bias to choose PHL Eagles as my top 3 choice for the NFC. We've seen what they're capable of as on the field and at this point, all teams have to go through them on the road to the playoffs. Both the coaches and players seem to have an understanding about staying focused and not becoming overly consumed by what the competition is doing. Just the same, Doug Pederson has a good grip on keeping the team in a mind state of consistent progress, which is obviously working wonders for the Eagles' franchise this season. As far as my other 2 for top 3 picks, I'm going with NOLA Saints and Minnesota Vikings. At one point, I put Dallas on the list, but without Zeke and all the injuries of key players, I don't honestly see it for the Cowboys, especially if they have to go through Philadelphia to get there.

Will the Eagles be able to maintain their spot as top team in the NFC? Absolutely...and at this moment in time, it would be hard to believe otherwise. The AFC teams I've chosen for Super Bowl LII aren't necessarily set in stone, as it's based more on who I want to see in the playoffs than current stats and rankings, but so far, my AFC picks are: Pittsburgh Steelers, KC Chiefs, and Oakland Raiders. Each team has specific areas to work on, such as Raiders' pass/run ration, however, these are teams, again, I hope to see in the playoffs although I think with a finely measured evaluation of where they rank now will help them get there. I high-key think an epic move for the Raiders would be getting rid of Derek Carr and signing free agent and GQ Citizen of the Year, Colin Kaepernick, as a trade-off, but I that's probably wishful thinking at this point. 


For those of you who weren't already aware, I am a former Cowboys fan, so not only is this game one of the best rivalries in NFL history, it holds somewhat of sentimental value for me personally. For the record, my "switch"  (which I talked more about in a previous post) had nothing to do with them being a losing franchise, because I was a proud fan in the trenches and was a rather obnoxious fan during one of the best seasons I've ever witnessed them have. The Cowboys had a phenomenal year in 2016, but they've definitely stepped down a couple of levels this season.  Needless to say, I am so hype about SNF with this match up on the radar. 

Already ready for Sunday Night Football this weekend...this is going to be a good one, especially for meeee! #SNF#PHLvsDAL#FlyEaglesFly — chymere a. 🦅 (@ChymereA) November 15, 2017


So far, Boston Celtics, who currently hold a 13-2 standing and are leading the Eastern Conference by a long shot, look really good. The Cleveland Cavaliers are technically still top tier team in the league, but seem to only play when they feel like it. Closer to the playoffs, we'll see that championship team rise to the occasion, but until then, Cavs are not giving their absolute best without motive. Smart? Petty? Both? Whichever way it goes, they know what it takes to win without really trying, so it's not one of those things that likely won't negatively affect their run to the playoffs. I foresee that their rank will improve dramatically in the next couple of weeks, especially with Wade and Lebron together again. 

Golden State and Rockets are pretty much neck in neck, closely followed by San Antonio Spurs, a team whose rank in the coming weeks I believe will fluctuate as well. Looking at the numbers now and based on the games I've seen out of the west, all the teams in the Western Conference seem to be playing at very similar levels. Of course, it is my hope that my beloved Lakers get it together, but it's really too early to say who will be in the running to go to the playoffs. The Lakers still being in that young stage is the excuse I hold every time we lose a game this season (lol).

I'm sure there are other things happening in the sports world, but that wraps up this week's wave. 

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