Tidal Wave Wednesdays no. 18: Unexpected Hiatus, NFL Szn Preview, & More!!

The year has flown by swiftly as we are wrapping up of the 3rd and preparing to enter the fourth quarter of 2018. Before we know it, we will be celebrating the year II anniversary of #TheSkyBoxSuite (excited!), which officially takes place in November. There has obviously been a lag in content over the past month. Because I've given the team the option to pursue and explore other ambitions, it's still very much a one-woman operation most days. More than consistency, however, consistency in quality is something we are constantly striving towards. 

With the intersection of regular season NFL + NBA on the horizon, what better time than now to generate fresh ideas and create momentum?  It's also the perfect time to casually bring back Tidal Wave Wednesdays, which is - essentially - a brief run down of the latest stand-out news stories and headlines in the professional sports world. 

Let's start with NFL Pre-season...

Photo credit: Jerome Miron - USA TODAY Sports

So far, the top teams (per conference) in the pre-season are as follows:

  • Buffalo Bills

  • Denver Broncos

  • Baltimore Ravens

  • Houston Texans

  • Dallas Cowboys

  • Arizona Cardinals

  • Chicago Bears

  • Atlanta Falcons

Now of course, it's always a little premature to determine what the status of a team will be based on preseason alone. It's more like a learning curve for the coaches and a players to find a strategy that they believe will help the teams achieve the most success during regular season. It enables them to evaluate individual performances, likely to make more calculated decisions on who will fill the 11 spots on game day. 

Obviously, I have high expectations for the Philadelphia Eagles. Even at 3-0 coming into the fifth and final week of preseason, I believe the reigning champions of Super Bowl LII have what it takes to be the Juggernauts of the league and takeover again next season, despite what we've been witnessing as of late. We've all seen it happen; a team does poorly in preseason, but shows up when it matters (i.e. NE Patriots and Carolina Panthers in 2003, both 4-0 in preseason, and both teams made it to the Super Bowl that year). A bit bias, yes, but that is the expectation I have.

Yesterday was Game 2 of the WNBA playoffs...

Atlanta Dream vs. Washington Mystics in the eastern conference

Phoenix Mercury vs. Seattle Storm in the west

Ending the game 78-75 win against the Mystics, the home team and subsequently my favorite team, the Atlanta Dream are now faced with a chance to make it to the WNBA Finals. Under the strong leadership of Nicki Collen, who made the move from Connecticut last year, these women are balling their asses off to prove themselves worthy of what could be the franchise's first ever championship win and the city's first title since the Braves' World Series win in 1995.

A collaboration between Nike and Serena Williams

...recently touched the hearts of many. To this day, Williams maintains her elite position as one of the world's greatest athletes and one of the best to ever touch a tennis court. There is a sense of nostalgia and long-term determination in this heart-warming commercial with what I presume is actual footage of young Serena practicing with her dad. 

Of course, there's more news and headlines that weren't covered on today's TWW...

But I'll stop here. I can already sense ideas flowing in for future post. From here on out, I'll try my best to not miss a beat!

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