Bae vs. Football: The Girlfriend's Playbook to Surviving Playoff SZN {pt. II}

Photo credit: Afolabi Sogunro |  Fotos by Fola

Photo credit: Afolabi Sogunro | Fotos by Fola

Welcome back to The Girlfriend Playbook, ladies!

It's that time of year again; it's playoff season for the NFL, which is a pretty huge deal. During NBA playoffs last year, I created a guide to help the ladies maximize "bae time" during  playoff season.

Last year the no. 1 suggestion in part I: Bae vs. Basketball was to choose a team. Whether you chose to be a devoted partner and went with his fave or you decided to pick a rival of bae's team to keep things spicy, you have to own it. Another suggestion was to rock the team's gear and make it look sexy! For instance, Philadelphia Eagles and Atlanta Falcons play each other tomorrow afternoon and my team is the Eagles. Although I'm a woman who truly loves sports, there's nothing wrong showing a little bit of my personal style off for game day.

For context, here's a tentative calendar of how the playoffs are scheduled each year. As previously detailed on part I, here's another look at major post-season playoff dates for the NBA, NFL, and MLB. Please note that they all end with a finals series, as well as a final game:

NBA: April 15th-May 16th
May 14th: conference finals begin
May 16th: NBA Draft Lottery
June 1st: NBA Finals begins, end date varies
NFL {current} : January 6th-February 4th (SB LII)
MLB {2016}: October 5th-October 25th

Starting where we left off with tip no. 5, here's a few more things that you can do to maximize your time with bae during this playoff season.

#5. Key in some much needed you time.

For couples who live together, time apart is essential. If you have the ability to be in separate rooms at any given moment, take the time to relax and unwind. Schedule in a mani/pedi that day (or do one at home). Light some candles, prepare a nice, sensual bath for yourself using the LUSH Bath Bombs [#notsponsored] you got for Christmas, and zone out as much as you can. Meditate and work on those yoga poses if you're into that kind of stuff. Unlike tip #4, this is for one of those low energy nights, which is the perfect time to practice some well- known self-care practices.

#6. Host a dinner party you've been planning on Pinterest.

Photo by  Brandon Morgan  on  Unsplash

Much like gathering a group to go out to watch the game, it would also be fun to host a dinner party/game night, if you are financially able to do so. Before the game comes on, organize a game everyone can participate in like Heads Up or Taboo, girls vs. guys. Serve light refreshments and beverages. Before the guest arrive, cook a meal together. Keep it simple with of game day favorites, such as wings and tacos. It's a clever way to carve out time for each other before kickoff.

#7. Have a silent listening party with yourself.

So one night, neither of you are feeling the group thing. Plus, it's cold outside and no one wants to go anywhere. It's the playoffs, so you already know his energy is about to be on 1000 while the game is on. Create a LIT play list, grab your headphones, and dance the night away (but don't be a jerk and obstruct his view of the TV). He's going to be a unpredictable mix between stress and celebration while you're having the time of your life at your at home concert. This keeps the energy in the room balanced, especially if you could really care less about the game, but want to spend time with your boo thang. 

#8. Plan a night out to watch the game, but invite friends along to make it a group date situation.

I completely understand how annoying it is to be out with someone who is half engaged, because the game is on. Conversation is dry and you're just sitting there, while you're looking like a snack, yet thinking about how you'd much rather be at home, because he's not paying you any attention. I get it. I've experienced this with sports bar dates during major soccer games where I'm only semi-interested. So in this case, why not make it fun and invite his friends, gather your homegirls, and make it a group activity. Who knows? This may very well be the perfect set up for your bestie to meet the future love of her life. It's also a great opportunity to get to know his circle better and vice versa. 

Atlanta's hudson grille

Atlanta's hudson grille

If you're in the Atlanta area, here are a few of my personal favorite sports bars in the city:

There you have it...8 fool-proof ways to peacefully co-exist with your s/o during playoff szn. Hopefully, you enjoyed this post enough to comment, share with your friends, and/or interact with me via social media. If you care to know about sports from a woman's point of view, I hope you stay connected to #TheSkyBoxSuite for a while, but if you prefer the more personal blogs, be sure to follow my other blog, Chymere Anais, as well.

Again, wishing you both many more thriving playoff seasons together!!