January's November: a Look at SiR's Latest Record


A little over a week ago, the newest member of the TDE team dropped his first album release underneath the label.  After strong EP releases of “Her” and “Her Too”, this was very much welcomed. SiR has been known to give us a sultry vibe with credible lyricism each and every time, and so this was no different. Keeping it clean, the album itself runs a little over an half hour, with eleven tracks taking you on a very smooth, but simple journey. 

The element that stood out the most on this record was the production. There’s always a smooth set of keys in the background, paired with an even smoother set of drums or horns to back up the beats, and it all comes together to create a signature sound for the evolving, young artist. That aspect alone lets the audience know that live sets will be something to remember. 

Now let’s get into the album itself and talk about some of the top contenders from this project: 

With only two features, SiR gives us a project that shows what his full capability is. On 'Something Foreign' he pairs up with fellow label mate ScHoolboy Q, to touch on all the material things this life brings him. Then a few tracks later, pairing with Etta Bond on 'Something New', not looking for a different love elsewhere, but to create that within the love he knows now.

The singer/rapper also gives us a bit of bravado over some tracks as well. 'Never Home' reminds us to stop leaving these artists voice mails (if Drake taught us nothing else, we should know by now that they can and will be used against you). SiR raps about the issues his life causes for him and his lady, each verse being supplemented with a very direct message from his very upset girlfriend. 

If you haven’t listened yet, don’t worry I wont tell anyone. Personally, I see the whole project as a vibe from start to finish, but if you’re looking for some recommendations I say give 'D’Evils', 'Summer in November', and 'I Know' your ear first. 

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