Bae vs. Basketball: The Girlfriend's Playbook to Surviving Playoff SZN

Bae vs. Basketball: The Girlfriend's Playbook to Surviving Playoff SZN

In light of NBA playoff season, I've created a fun, go-to guide to help the girls, especially the ones who live or spend long periods of time with a s/o, who want to play a role in something her man spends most of his time enjoying and to to feel a little less dismissed/ignored during the whirlwind of playoff season

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Tidal Wave Wednesdays no. 1 | #MarchMadness, Women in Sports, & More!

Back in the day when I originally launched a sports blog, I had a segment called Mon-Wave Mondays, which was essentially a briefing of  the recent news stories that stood out to me. For someone who has notifications on from Bleacher Report and ESPN, there is constantly a headline in the wonderful world of sports, always a story. Sometimes I'm moved, other times not so much. Committing to this blog was so intimidating for a while, simply because I felt an obligation to chase every story and always have something ready to post as soon as something big happened, but I know that that's not realistic for my schedule/everyday life. 

Tidal Wave Wednesdays is basically a spin-off of the same concept, where I share the headlines of the week and cite the sources, but don't necessarily have a journalistic angle to do a full article on. It'll be something like a general press release for sports news and every week the categories will vary. Again, these will be the stories that stand out to me, not necessarily every thing that happens in relation to sports. It's also a good way to incorporate those sports I enjoy watching sometimes, but don't know tons about, such as soccer and hockey.

College Basketball / #MarchMadness

NCAA Printable 2017 bracket via CBS Sports
  • It's game time for #MarchMadness and the brackets are officially in! I haven't filled out my own yet, which I'm planning to do per round, but selection Sunday just passed, the first 64 teams are set, and I'm excited to watch the NCAA tournament play out. 
  • Speaking of college basketball, has anyone ever heard of or watch the show Bringing Up Ballers (...or something like that) on Lifetime TV network? I saw 10, maybe 15 minutes, of it and I think it's wildly ridiculous. Then again, that's what I think about most reality TV shows. Anyway, that's not why I'm here. Moving on...


  • Russell Westbrook achieved a career-high of 58 points in OKC in a loss to the Portland Trailblazers, first since 1974 in franchise history and the second player to score that many points in a loss since Kobe Bryant in 2006. And this is just one of many of his accomplishments this season. MVP? We'll see, but I definitely think he deserves it.
  • Speaking of Russell Westbrook, he and his wife, Nina, are supposedly expecting their first child this year, so congrats is due to Brodie and his budding family!
  • Quick question: What are the Lakers doing? I really hope this front office revamp plans to execute new strategies sooner than later, because it's been painful to watch my team struggle so much this season.


image source.

Women in Sports

Rob Tringali
  • She's Got GAME: There are very few things that make my soul smile more than seeing women dominate in male saturated industries; sports is obviously no exception. Ms. Mo Davis, who has been America's sweetheart for a few years now, is starting to gain D1 attention from her position as point guard and only girl on an all boys basketball team at the Marian Anderson Recreation Center in Philadelphia. The 15 year old super star a graceful young lady, yet extremely fluid in the way she moves from one sport to the next year round. Last month, Mirin Fader interviewed and covered Mo'ne Davis in a compelling article for Bleacher Report that I definitely think is worth the read. 
  • Michele Roberts, NBPA Executive Director becomes the first woman to lead a major sports union.
  • Coach Dawn Staley, head coach at the University of South Carolina, who has lead the woman's basketball team to the NCAA Division I basketball tournament 5 years in a row, was recently named head coach for the USA National Team.
  • Last, but not least, Nike will be launching athletic hijabs for Muslim women athletes, which I think is pretty epic. Although this may have more to do with marketing than actual concern, I still think it's brilliant and necessary.
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Mon-Wave Mondays #2

photo cred: Rod Mar for Sports Illustrated

  • Anyone who watched last night’s L.A. Vs. OKC game knows what was the highlight drama of the night. Ron Artest…and yes I mean Mr. World Peace himself… was ejected for losing his cool with J. Harden. It was a combination of ego and bad decision-making. With the last game of regular season on Thursday against Sacremento approaching, this could mean a lot of things for overall performance of the Lakers. They could suffer defensively or find a way to reconfigure some plays and make it work. If they work the court like they did last night, however, it’ll be no major loss. What a game!
  • MVP: Kobe Bryant or Kevin Durant?? Both equally deserving.
  • A few days away from NFL draft and I’m lead to question the motive behind deciding what players to add to a pro roster. To me, many coaches and scouts will have clouded judgement when it comes to drafting new prospects due to how much time the players have to prepare for draft. Pre-draft workouts are conducted under different terms than their regular performance, which can lead to overrated evaluations and blinded judgement. Off season, players like Stephen Gilmore, Corner Back from USC and Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill both have an impeccable performance level to show off, but it’s not the same momentum they maintained during the season. It’s a bit hard to predict what happens at this point, but soon we will find out.
  • White Sox’ Philip Humber makes a commendable mark in sports history by notching the 21st perfect game in MLB history. This basically means that in one game, a team must have a record of 27 outs without any hits, runs, or errors. Congratulations to his well-deserved success!!!

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