Mon-Wave Mondays #2

photo cred: Rod Mar for Sports Illustrated

  • Anyone who watched last night’s L.A. Vs. OKC game knows what was the highlight drama of the night. Ron Artest…and yes I mean Mr. World Peace himself… was ejected for losing his cool with J. Harden. It was a combination of ego and bad decision-making. With the last game of regular season on Thursday against Sacremento approaching, this could mean a lot of things for overall performance of the Lakers. They could suffer defensively or find a way to reconfigure some plays and make it work. If they work the court like they did last night, however, it’ll be no major loss. What a game!
  • MVP: Kobe Bryant or Kevin Durant?? Both equally deserving.
  • A few days away from NFL draft and I’m lead to question the motive behind deciding what players to add to a pro roster. To me, many coaches and scouts will have clouded judgement when it comes to drafting new prospects due to how much time the players have to prepare for draft. Pre-draft workouts are conducted under different terms than their regular performance, which can lead to overrated evaluations and blinded judgement. Off season, players like Stephen Gilmore, Corner Back from USC and Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill both have an impeccable performance level to show off, but it’s not the same momentum they maintained during the season. It’s a bit hard to predict what happens at this point, but soon we will find out.
  • White Sox’ Philip Humber makes a commendable mark in sports history by notching the 21st perfect game in MLB history. This basically means that in one game, a team must have a record of 27 outs without any hits, runs, or errors. Congratulations to his well-deserved success!!!

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Mon-Wave Mondays #1

Jerome Miron, USA TODAY Sports
  • Lamar Odom leaves Dallas and gets denounced to D-league, however it’s not as bad as everyone is making it out to be.  Initially, I was sad for him to even get traded at all from my beloved Lakers.  It wasn’t a good fit, in my opinion, and he and Kobe had amazing chemistry on the court.  Ever since he joined the Mavericks, his game has been upsetting to watch; his heart was just not there.  I say it’s not that bad, because his team has decided to just list him as inactive, which means he stands the chance of being traded post-season.  Perhaps back to the Lakers…If that is even possible?  Hopefully, he takes this time to really understand where he is at this point in his life and career and mentally prepare for whatever is next.
  • Kobe Bryant is injured once again in the shin area.  Staying true to his nature, he tried to play pass the pain and his team suffered because of it Saturday. He is recommended to sit out until he gets better.  Despite his absence, I think that there is enough viable talent to uphold the team tonight as they play Hornets in a rematch.
  • 17 days until the NFL Draft!!! Fans are anxious to see what the coming season has in store.  Hopefully my Cowboys pick up more offensive linemen.  They’d have a pretty good season if they pick up a new receiver.  No comment on T. Romo, as of now.
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