The Holy Trilogy: NBA Finals 2017 Game 5 Preview

Even though there was no Friday night sweep for the Golden State Warriors, I was never that optimistic. As bad as the Cavs want this-as much as King James wants another ring-I still have Warriors winning Game 5, which takes place Monday night in Oracle Arena.

So what do we know so far? We have Lebron putting up 35 + points a night, which is being closely followed by Kyrie Irving, who is averaging at least 30 per game and surpassed his teammate's scoring stats Monday night. For Golden State, the lead scorers has been KD and Steph. It's hard to say which team has been better defensively and offensively, just because the Warriors have been playing both sides exceptionally well.

I'm trying to be neutral here, because obviously, there are two really great teams who have both proven to be top 2 in the league for the past few years. However, with Cleveland down 3-1 for the second year in a row, the scene is looking a little familiar.

The only real numerical difference between 2016 and 2017 NBA finals is Cleveland didn't wait until Game 4 to challenge GSW. However, I still stand on my original prediction by saying Warriors in Game 5, because it's a little vague and redundant to say it's unpredictable. I don't know what it is about home court advantage, but I don't see it for Warriors to welcome defeat at home, especially not being as close as they are to accomplishing what both teams came to do, which is winning a NBA Championship title.

Not to mention that the Lebron super-fan club will be even more unbearable than they already are if he wins another ring this year, so it will be greatly appreciated if Warriors can go ahead and close this series out, so we can all watch baseball and get ready for football season in peace.

That being said, we will see what happens tomorrow night and I'm anticipating a good one; in fact, the best one yet. 

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East vs. West: 2012 NBA Finals Prediction


Unfortunately, yet deserving, Lakers surrendered in the conference semifinals series with Thunder.  The team is just not as dynamic as they needed to be.  The final game, K. Bryant barely had any help; therefore even when young Kobe emerged with 40 points in the first half, it still wasn’t enough to defeat OKC.  In the meantime, OKC has been quite explosive with a 4-1 record win and it’s a lot to look forward to Sunday, which marks the beginning of Western conference finals.


Heat currently leads the series with Pacers.  L. James and D. Wade are definitely a power combination with chemistry that breeds excellence. Boston and 76ers are tied at 3-3, but I think that home court advantage will be the difference outside of the playing aspect.  Their defense is pretty flawless to, so that’s a pro. However, I certainly expect Philidelphia to put up a fight. Even though most fans expect to see Miami and Boston, it would be cool to see the underdogs compete in conference finals.

The SkyBox NBA finals prediction: 
Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Miami Heat

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