Red Zone

red zone.jpg

Lately, my eyes have gravitated to the color red. It's bold, it's empowering, it's ambitious, and perhaps, that's just where I am in my life. One great thing about this fit is that although the casual sweatshirt + distressed jeans combination is my normal go-to, I do love how feminine it is with a cropped hoodie and cropped top underneath. The accessories also add a nice touch of feme that I try to incorporate in my more laid back ensemble choices as much as I can.

The outfit itself is so versatile and interchangeable. It's very inner city friendly, but rearrange some things and it would flow perfectly in any environmental setting. Throw in a large tote with a pair of super sexy heels, and you could very easily make this a date night look. Being a sports fanatic who also enjoys the perks of being a woman, outfits like this speak volumes for who I am as a person and - ultimately - that's what personal style is all about. 

I'd also like to note that I'm slowly shifting into the sneaker head life. I've always had a shoe fetish, but when it comes to kicks, I never really had the funds to be able to afford that luxury. If I did have a little extra money to splurge, I would always find a way to spend the money on other frivolous things like tattoos. I'm not one to go crazy over new releases or having the newest shoe on the market, but it is nice to look as fly as you feel. Also, as I'm getting older and my body is changing, comfort plays a much bigger role in my personal style than it ever has before. kicks are actually becoming closet staples.