Letter from the Editor | Comeback Season

Have you ever just had a moment where you sat and thought about the good ole days and wondered what ever made those moments escape you? I’m not referring to the things we eventually grow past, but those things that left a permanent mark; Like listening to my dad’s vinyl collection, which sparked my love for the classics and later influenced me to gradually start my own. Saturdays filled with morning cartoons, swim meets, and basketball games. Friday nights complete with football games. Of course, these are all the personal sentiments, but for most of us, our love for sports and music run deep like something that’s forever a quintessential part of who we are.

Although there are times when it becomes almost unbearable to witness the change or welcome newness, especially when it comes to seeing the roster changes of our favorite teams or when an artist we love moves in a new direction with their music, however, in the spirit of artists reviving the throwback mixtape gems on music streaming apps (like Drake recently did with ‘So Far Gone’) and DeSean Jackson returning to his rightful place in Philadelphia, comeback season is upon us.

As anti-progressive as nostalgia can be at times, sometimes nostalgia helps us move forward in positive ways. It’s a concept/process that keeps us in love and on the right track. The “grown up” in me has been extremely inspired by my inner child, lately. This will be the theme coming into the quarter II of 2019. We’re resurrecting the good stuff from the good ole days and mixing it in with the good stuff from the new school to create something so special; to essentially celebrate everything that paved the way and made what currently exist possible.

There’s so much the team and I have planned that will bring those distinct sensations that remind all of us why/how/when/where we fell in love with sports, music, style, and culture in the first place. Just like going back in time to compile my Top 5 Favorite NBA Moments [of the past 2 decades] or sharing personal stories like attending the 2003 NBA All-Star game when I was a kid. From sports, to music - to things that have always influenced culture and style trends that are making a comeback - The Sky Box Suite’s audience can look forward to an era of sweet reminiscing on moments we’ll never truly forget.

Stay tuned.

Chymere A. Hayes