Letter from the Editor | Q4: Trust the Process

It seems almost natural to feel like time is flying by so fast when we are living our best lives. The moments we want to last quickly fade into memories and we’re left wondering where time went. It’s bittersweet when that satisfying moment or milestone is over and all we can do is replay it in our heads, so as the final quarter of 2019 marks the last 3 months of a decade, the end of an era, it’s now time to start planning for what lies ahead without neglecting what’s right in front of us.

Next month, The Sky Box Suite will be celebrating its 3rd consecutive year of existence. It’s been an honor to work behind the scenes with people who see and believe in the vision I’ve established for this platform, but it has also been personally fulfilling in ways I can’t even begin to explain. It’s only natural to want to continue to graduate to higher levels when it comes to the things we’re passionate about and what I hope for now when it comes to this brand is only slightly different than I what I hoped for when it launched, but at the core, my hopes are pretty much the same:

“to gracefully and consistently expand [my] horizons in the wonderful world of sports…and to just do it, as the notorious Nike slogan would suggest.”

Reference: ‘Letter from the Editor | Where the Dream Begins Again’

Coming into year 4, I not only want to increase production, but I also want to focus on the content being unique, possibly even something the average sports fan can relate to. Finding story lines to work with are never the issue, yet coming up with ways to stand out can be. There’s a ton of outlets geared towards sports, music, sports and music, style, and so forth, so it is my job, as editor-in-chief, to not get caught up trying to be like everyone else. I think that is one of those things that I think is constantly on the forefront of anyone who takes content creation seriously, but also wants to keep it as fun as possible. And I have no intention on making this a full blown career, as much as I appreciate what I’ve been able to accomplish, but that doesn’t make what I do here and how I choose to do it any less important.

Quarter 4 will be the foundation of year 4 for The Sky Box Suite. Personally speaking, I am looking forward to expansion and really positioning this platform to be able to lead me - or at least allow me to explore - other career options, as well as something that speaks volumes on behalf of my personal brand. So far, The Sky Box Suite has been a major component and gateway to a much bigger purpose that I didn’t necessarily know initially and wouldn’t have discovered what that was, had not made a decision to launch in the first place or if I chose to quit when numbers, inspiration, production was low. It’s always a process, but I can’t help but to be excited about what the future holds, simply because all the pieces are coming together so beautifully.

This month, we have all the sports we love (NBA, NFL, MLB playoff season, college football) to look forward to, which is pretty exciting for any sports fan. The main goal at this point is to never go weeks/months without posting like I have in the past, especially not like it was this summer, and there’s really no reason to with a month like October. There’s also some game plans I’ve been working out in the playbook to keep things fresh, but the play-by-play will unfold soon enough. Without revealing too much, just know that Quarter 4 is about to be LIT…just gotta trust the process.

Stay tuned.


Founder and editor-in-chief