About Sky Box Design Studio:

For close to 10 years, I used love for design and technology to sporadically undertake web design projects for family members and friends. I would take on these lofty tasks while creating content independently. Going the non-traditional route when it comes to college and taking time off school helped me to figure out purpose and direction - something I struggled with for years. What started out as a sideline hobby turned into a profitable passion project, which eventually lead me to launch the Sky Box Design Studio.


  • North Carolina A&T State University, Architectural Engineering

  • Georgia State University, Sports Administration


UX/UI Design | Multi-media | Programming | HTML + CSS coding

Creative Consulting | Brand Identity | Social Media Management

About SB:

Sky Box Studio is a boutique style creative consulting studio that caters mostly to personal brands and small business owners like myself. It’s also an extension of The Sky Box Suite brand. Inspired by architecture, the underlining goal in the work I do is to create a space that is not only aesthetically attractive, but also easy to navigate, functional, and engineered with excellence in mind.

My design approach—no matter the medium—is less is more, which allows the brand itself to speak louder than the aesthetic. Minimalism isn’t necessarily about doing less, but rather, creating more efficiently in a way that allows even the smallest of details to speak volumes. It’s a way to turn dreams into tangible things. Ultimately, it’s about creating positive and personalized experiences through design and media.

This is where creativity, imagination, and technology collide.