The Aftermath of SBLII: The Underdogs Come Out on Top

The Philadelphia Eagles create a remarkable legacy after becoming the Champions of Super Bowl LII

By 9:30PM EST, Every sports writer/journalist in the world had their analytics and articles ready to publish as soon as the game was over Sunday night. Every store that sells exclusive NFL paraphernalia was on standby to release the Super Bowl Championship gear specific to the winning team. I was at home in my Eagles t-shirt and sweat pants, focused on what would soon become a historical moment for the Philadelphia Eagles franchise.

No one knew the outcome and no one knew what kind of game this would be, but this was a solid match up on the biggest stage in professional sports. It was familiar territory for the Patriots and almost foreign land for the Eagles. New England came with their usual A-game, but Philadelphia stayed true to the mission: one more game, one more win. It wasn't long before everyone realized that this game wasn't going to be a repetitive match up from SB XXXIX. Although the McNabb era was booming back then, this was not the same Eagles team by a long shot. With a different completely different mindset that carried them throughout the season and a different level of dedication coming into this game, this team was a different beast.

Although it was one helluva match up, my nerves were on edge the entire time, especially in the 4th quarter. From the initial from first down from Foles to Jeffery to the turnover that almost altered the entire landscape of the game. Perhaps, it took too long for the Patriots to realize this wasn't going to be an easy feat, but I remember exactly when it finally kicked in for Tom Brady (4th quarter; 2:09 on the clock). Eagles held their own throughout. I really couldn't be more proud of this team...and for the record, shoutout to Jay Ajayi, who has quickly become one of my favorite athletes to watch. His performance - along with his teammates - was outstanding.


The stakes were high and the pressure was definitely on for the Philadelphia squad. Leading up to the Super Bowl and all throughout playoffs, commentators were saying things like: there was no way Eagles would pull this off, especially with a back up QB don't bet against Tom Brady being down in the third, and so forth. The odds were stacked against them. Even Sports Illustrated predicted that the score would end up being 27-16 in favor of the Patriots. However, Eagles' head coach, Doug Pederson, knew that the team did not come this far to only come this far. It was too late to give up now. Somehow, this team was able to block out all the noise and stay committed to excellence until there was no time left on the clock. That level of focus something we can all learn from.

This was Eagles first ever Super Bowl win. For Eagles Nation, this was the moment fans, players, and coaches spent their whole lives dreaming about. It's Tuesday and it's still surreal. Just like any other die-hard Eagles fan, this moment meant a lot to me. I mean...84 years in the league and no ring? Not only is that tough to live through, it's even harder to defend. This team has been through the pits of hell and back and the fans have stood right there by their side through it all. I can't even rightfully claim the struggle, because I wasn't always a part of it, but the energy was felt and recognized. Besides the rioting and acts of violence and vandalism in the city that night, the true Eagles fans have every right to celebrate all week long, until next season if they feel so inclined to do so. 

Congratulations to the Philadelphia Eagles for conquering the Super Bowl and a job well done all season!

Fly Eagles, Fly!!!