Teyana Taylor is the Woman Who Continues to Level Up in Life, Love, & Career

Photo credit: Anne Wermiel

Photo credit: Anne Wermiel

Back in the early-mid 2000’s, I was introduced Teyana Taylor through MTV’s hit TV show My Super Sweet 16. Even then, she embodied this swaggy, super magnetic spirit, and creative persona. Here was this big haired girl who loved sports and hip-hop just as much as I did and still do. From that moment on, I became obsessed. Watching her bloom into the multidimensional powerhouse that she is now, has been nothing less than inspiring.

Over the years, the Harlem Native made a pretty big name for herself, especially behind the scenes. At the tender age of 27, she has had tremendous success in her career. With accolades such as gaining choreography credits for Beyonce's  ‘Ring the Alarm’ video in 2006 and getting signed to Pharrell Williams’ label, Star Trek Entertainment, the world has witnessed her make major strides in the entertainment industry, always having her foot in the door in all the right places. It’s phenomenal that she still finds a way to prompt people to ask: Who is this girl? And she does so, simply by cultivating her talents and indulging in the fullness of who she is as a woman.

What I admire the most about Teyana is the way she seems to effortlessly balance all the things in her life that require full attention, despite how hard it may be. She’s even been open about what she’s had to sacrifice to be able to dedicate more of herself to family life. 

In an interview with Hot97, she put it like this: 

“And now me being a parent, if I didn’t understand it then, I definitely understand now. That shit is no joke when you have a kid and you still are who you are, so it’s like you’re trying to find that balance and that shit is tough.”
Photo credit: Christopher Polk/Getty images

Photo credit: Christopher Polk/Getty images

Even with the demanding roles such as mom, wife, all around artist, dance fitness guru, and entrepreneur, Teyana seems to have a pretty good grip on what her life entails these days. All things considered, the young mogul certainly knows how to make boss-hood look sexy and does so with such style and confidence.

It’s admirable that her individual accomplishments outshine her being the wife of an NBA baller. Even her previous relationship and very public breakup with NBA player, Brandon Jennings didn’t take away from what she managed to accomplish on her own. Not that there is anything remotely wrong with being the girlfriend/fiancé/wife of a professional athlete, but it’s always nice to see a woman shine as an individual without needing her husband’s name attached to her success. 

I love that her commitment to her family never altered the brand. If anything, that component of her life became a part of her brand. In fact, the two are set to launch a new reality TV show. Although the young couple has been pretty open with their fans on social media, now fans have an opportunity to get to know them even better glimpse into not only her life, but the life she is building with her NBA husband, Iman Shumpert.

In the midst of everything she has going on both personally and professionally, she recently announced via Instagram that she is set to launch a 90’s theme nail salon in Harlem, NY called Junie Bee’s, which might be my favorite move thus far.

Not only this a dope concept in general, it’s also bringing more black owned businesses to her own neighborhood, an area that has become incredibly gentrified over the past decade. That’s another story in itself, but the point is: the grind is still going for Mrs. Teyana Taylor-Shumpert and from the looks of it, it won’t stop any time soon. #GOALS

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