Album Review | 'In the Comfort of' Sango

Photo credit: Suzette Lee via  Highsnobiety

Photo credit: Suzette Lee via Highsnobiety

Producer, DJ, musician extraordinaire, Kai Wright - professionally known as Sango - has created yet another piece of work that resonates with my soul. According to an interview with Joe Kay of Soulection radio, he's been sitting on this album for a few years. Now, the listeners and fans are finally able to hear the gem that's been in sacred hiding all this time. 

Enticed by its graceful rhythm, Sango's latest project, 'In the Comfort of' , has yet to fall out of my heavy rotation lineup since its release a few weeks ago. Not to be dramatic, but is the kind of sound I didn't even realize I've been missing. The entire listening experience is like a spiritual awakening; it's just that good. In typical Sango fashion, he focused more on beats and instrumentation than anything else, but when the lyrics did hit, they resonated and the timing was could not have been more perfect. 

Blending sultry melodies with subtle bass lines with an unequivocal balance of avant-garde instrumentation and lyricism, the production team was able to execute a stellar record that I truly believe will  stand the test of time. Each sound is spun together so perfectly that even the more upbeat tempo tracks like 'Khlorine' (ft. Smino) and 'Dance For Blessings' don't break the flow of the record; everything is cohesive.

Favorite tracks: 

  • Speak
  • Khlorine ft. Smino
  • Sweet Holy Honey ft. Xavier Omar
  • Implications
  • Comfortable

With its seamless fusion of electronic, soul, and hip-hop, it's a solid just vibe & press play album. The production on this record - from the sampling to how each track is mixed and mastered - is nothing short of phenomenal. This is not necessarily my favorite Sango project, but at the same time, each one is fascinatingly different. They are all able to stand on it's own enough to be easily recognized as a masterpiece.