Tidal Wave Wednesdays no. 17 | #MarchMadness, NBA Trades + NFL off-season, & More

It's been a wild couple of months in the sports world (i.e. the Philadelphia Eagles are now Super Bowl Champions; still surreal). We have tons to catch up on, but before we dive right into the wave, I'd first like to explain the absence a bit and re-introduce this particular segment of The Sky Box Suite. Essentially, Tidal Wave Wednesdays was initially designed to be a "weekly" compilation of the latest stand out headlines in sports news. Although I've been working like crazy behind the scenes, #TheSkyBoxSuite took an unexpected hiatus once the thrill of SBLII subsided. Hopefully, I can pick back up the momentum this week and try my best to be more consistent with this series. 


We are approaching what is probably the most exciting time for basketball with March Madness brackets ready to be filled and NBA playoffs right around the corner. 

Photo credit: USA Today Images

Photo credit: USA Today Images

  • Dwayne Wade headed back to Miami and since then, there's been talk of Lebron leaving Cleveland as well. I was probably the only one who wasn't at all surprised to see Wade in a Heat jersey again, considering he only signed a one year contract with the Cavaliers, If James decides to leave Cleveland this summer or if the franchise lets him go - whichever comes first - I will be a little surprised. 
  • Speaking of where King James could possibly end up next, B. Braxton recently wrote an article about the 'NBA Players Who Need a Change of Scenery' from their current teams. There's a couple I'd dare to disagree with, but perhaps, we can save that for a future DUAL PERSPECTIVES post
  • The Minnesota Timberwolves sign Derrick Rose and he's reunited with Tom Thibodeau, who was his coach during his 2010-2011 MVP season with the Chicago Bulls.  There seems to be way more doubt than faith surrounding what Minnesota can accomplished with a starter who just isn't the same player he once was. He recently made the statement in reference to where he is in his game: 
“I still have faith. No matter what happens, I still have a lot of faith in myself and my ability. It’s just about opportunity and catching a rhythm.Whenever I do catch a rhythm, I’d rather see what it is then. Than to, like, give up knowing I have so much left. Like, ‘Damn, I should have kept playing."
  • Still upset and confused as to why Lakers let go of Jordan Clarkson, who has now signed with the Cavaliers. It's great that he can say that he was able to play alongside 2 phenomenal leaders (Kobe and Lebron), but that wasn't a smart move as far as the longevity of the Lakers goes. 

March Madness


March Madness begins tomorrow and although we have a few of the expected colleges on the brackets already, such as Duke, Butler, and Arizona; there are also quite a few sleepers this year, especially in the western region. 


NFL off-season has been pandemonium. Biggest shocker was Philadelphia Eagles trading Torrey Smith, picking up Seattle's former defensive end, Michael Bennett, as well as Corey Nelson, a linebacker from the Denver Broncos in the process. Instead of going through all the trades that are official as of today, I'll insert a video for you all to watch at your own leisure.