Sounds of Summer 2k18

These past few weeks, the team and I have been brainstorming, trying to figure out where to start with new ideas for the site, which drafts and angles needed improvement, and essentially, what needs to be the focus on in order to be more consistent with production now that the 2017-2018 NBA season is officially over. Although there's this pressure the comes along with being a blogger of any kind and so many opportunities have presented themselves to publish timely content, inspiration hasn't struck me long enough to even know where to begin. That pretty much explains why the production of quality content has been suffering tremendously lately.  

Therefore, I do what I do best when anything becomes overwhelming: I take a few steps back, get a good look at the bigger picture, then listen to some good music to put my mind at ease again. What started as randomly adding music to a playlist just for me to have something to vibe to, turned into curating Sounds of Summer 2k18, which I hope to inspire - or at least be an indication of - plenty of content coming into the third quarter of 2018, exclusively on #TheSkyBoxSuite.

As my moods have varied, the vibe of this particular playlist reflect those changes, however upbeat, and are perfect for these unbearably hot summer days on the east coast.  

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