For the Record Playlist no.02 (Mar.19): Blog Era

I started my first blog in 2009, or rather that’s when I started to take blogging more seriously. Before then, Xanga and Myspace were the platforms I used to write little blurbs about teenage woes and whatever else came to mind. What was once a personal blog became more about lifestyle, covering everything from sports to thinkpieces to anything relating to music. And every Saturday, I compiled playlist, wrote album/track reviews, and named the collection ‘Soundtrack Saturdays’, which was - essentially - my own little makeshift haven of virtual A&R.

This was the era where blogs curated and cultivated hip-hop culture like never before. Underground artist could easily gain traction and momentum just from posting/promoting fire music on their Myspace pages. There were rappers like Charles Hamilton who dropped mixtapes like as a play on what was taking place in this era of technology and cool kids. All of it changed the game in a major way, and sometimes I miss how things were back then.

Thinking of that time period of gems inspired me to travel back in time and relive the era of hip-hop that influenced me the most. This playlist is reminiscent of some of my personal favorite XXL Freshmen covers, tracks from albums that were in heavy rotation, and a period of life that made me feel the most alive.

Rest in peace and power,

Mac Miller and Nipsey Hussle