#SB51: About Last Night...

Let's talk about it.

If you follow me on Twitter, I-like many other football fans and self proclaimed sports analyst-were live tweeting during the game, in what became a timeline of emotional frenzy and 'NFL is rigged' war cries. From my end, most people were rooting for the Atlanta Falcons, a few due to political reasons, a couple of relatively silent Patriots fans, but most were rootiming for them out of just knowing how much a Falcons Super Bowl win would mean to the city of Atlanta and the franchise itself. Being from Atlanta, only naturally, I was in clustered with the latter group. 

Image source. found via @BleacherReport 

With 8 plays and 85 yards coverage from the Falcons, Everything was going swimmingly well for Atlanta, as NE was facing a 25 point deficit by the time halftime rolled around and Julio Jones dominated the first half. But the walls swiftly came tumbling down in the 3rd. By this time, we were all beginning to see that we may have collectively celebrated too soon, because that's when Tom Brady and company came back with a vengeance. As a result, Falcons' defense crumbled and what everyone assumed was a predictable ending, made an unexpected turn.  

After a 33 yd. field goal from Stephen Goskowski and 2 TD from James White and Daniel Amendola, the score was now 28-28 with a little under a minute left in the game. I'm still shocked that Patriots not only found the opportunity to make an astonishing comeback, but did it all in the final quarter, 3 plays, and no time left to spare, ultimately leading the game in the first OT in Super Bowl history. Although the final NE touchdown was questionable, there shouldn't have been an overtime in the first place, especially with such a low scoring game. It was tough to watch, honestly. It felt like GB vs Dallas all over again. It felt like November 9, 2017...all over again.  I digress.

Apparently, there are so many missing pieces to the saga at hand and 31 unanswered points, but I aim to deliver sports news in a unique format. This game was heartbreaking, yet simultaneously entertaining. Tom Brady, who walks away with his 3rd MVP title and 5th ring in the Super Bowl, has established a legacy and, despite how others may perceive him, has proven to be arguably the best Quarterbacks in the league; perhaps even, one of the greatest of all time. The New England Patriots simultaneously claim a 5th Super Bowl title, following their 9th AFC Championship. In that regard, I suppose a congratulations is due.

On a brighter note for the home team, they've now experienced what it's like to be this close to victory once again. To be one of the last two teams standing on the largest stage of professional sports is a victory in itself and not something to be taken lightly. It only means the team has what it takes to get there and they have what it takes to win. Just know, if my boys can keep up the fight long enough to dominate NFC next season, it'll be hard in deciding who to root for if it boils down to Atlanta vs. Dallas. Clearly, I'm thinking too far ahead, I know, but congrats to both teams and a great Super Bowl experience.

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Photo cred: Jamie Squire/Getty Images {via Bleacher Report}