The New Voices of SportsCenter: Jemele Hill & Michael Smith

As you know from reading the 'About' section, Jemele Hill is one of the inspirations behind the blog and brand. Before she made her way on the scene, which was probably circa 2006-07, there weren't many women in the sports industry that were as well-versed about sports as she was. From then on, I've kept a close watch of her career over the years, wishing there were more women like her in the industry when I was a sports editor for my high school newspaper. Given that background of where my respect roots from, watching her achieve bigger things has been nothing short of amazing and inspires me to keep going on this journey. 

To add to that, it was a genius move to pair her with Michael Smith, because of how incredible their chemistry is. And I'm sure he had to work just as hard to be where he is, due to the veteran competition around him. That might be a reason why they seem to bring out the best in each other on air and it's truly what I value most about His&Hers, originally token as Numbers Never Lie.  

The Six, which is new show that premiers right after Super Bowl LI on February 6, 2017, will essentially a spin-off of His&Hers, just on a bigger stage, sticking to the stories when it comes to diversity in sports and pertinent social issues while still remaining fun and light hearted. According to Hill during the recent interview on The Breakfast Club with co-host, Michael Smith : 
"When it comes to on camera diversity, we're the leaders in our industry by far."
Then she goes on to say:
"Not only do you have people of color on air, you have them in really powerful positions, where we're in charge of our content, from the extent of what we want to do creatively and what we want to say. So there's no reigns on what we want to say on anybody." 
Not only does it mean so much to me to see a black woman who I admire on Prime Time Television on one of the biggest platforms in America, but it means a great deal to the African-American community. Needless to say, I'll definitely be tuning in to the show every weekday at 6 PM EST.

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